“TIME sure does FLY… WHEN having FUN”

There is something about “TIME” and now that I think of it  – – the old saying  “TIME and TIDE wait for NO MAN” – – come to think of that saying and I did get a PRIZE for a story that I wrote about that – – so long ago – – only wish  NOW that I think back – – I saved more stuff… than I did! – – But… “when  ONE   moves from here to there – – you do travel lighter – – he  WHO carries a lighter load!”


This first PHOTO is of “DENNY on the right side and TOMMY of the left” – – and this is one of  the PICNIC  Sundays’ at “German St. Vincent Orphanage” I must be taking this PHOTO as I see my “DAD” standing in the background on the left.


There is some damage to this PHOTO on the side  – – some  thing happened or this must be the last picture on this roll of film??


How’s this for very cooperate  “brothers” –  TOMMY has my “GRADUATION” dress on – – I took the sleeves out – – and NOW I am going to “dye  it”  a pastel color – – so I can wear it  – – without people wondering where is she going in a “WHITE” dress?  So for added FUN Tommy found a pair of my shoes to wear  and DENNY has the hat on…  that I wanted Tommy to wear – – but  – – with DENNY   wearing the “HAT” on the slant – – this is a real “WOW”  PHOTO  – – where we can have some silly FUN – -if we do not die laughing!

More silly time in the backyard – – as we are all “three”  HOME  with MOM – – no longer at the Orphanage. I was attending  Rosati Kain High School – – and Denny and Tommy going to De Andres High School.  But then…  De Andres High School decided  to start the next year “Co-Ed” – – meaning that we could all three walk to School together – – which would be nice… but – – I was getting some kind of scholarship and they would not transfer me – – so… my MOTHER decided that she would transfer me to “Beaumont High School” which was also in walking distance.  Nothing like walking through “Fair Grounds Park” – – with a lot of other  girls living in our same area – – and getting more exercise – – which was just fine with me!

So… to finish off with wishing “DENNY” just one more “HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ for this week – –  since in a few days – – it will be my “DAD’s” BIRTHDAY” and then in another week or so – –  “TOMMY’s BIRTHDAY” – – and a few days following will be  “KAREN and KATHLEEN McClarren’s BIRTHDAY” – – making them all born under the sign of “Aquarius”  – – so I am guessing that is why they all are so much smarter then ME!

The above PHOTO is of   “DENNY on the left and TOMMY on the right” – – as “TOMMY”  would  fly down to FLORIDA just to visit with Denny – – as he was NOW in a Nursing Home – – sometimes in LIFE  – – our bodies just want to take it easy – – as they start to wear out.

So… WHEN you stop to think about it – – Is there any better place to be – – when all is said and done – –  than here on EARTH – –  to partake of the BLESSINGS that our Almighty YAHWEH will bless us with – – when our NEW address  reads  “CLOUD NINE” – – We are NOW where our TREASURE is! “Forever!”    D.V.

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“Happy Birthday DENNY Jr.”

“When it comes to PHOTOS of the  “Birthday PERSON” – – how do you pick… your favorite?”

When you stop to think that this PHOTO of DENNY and ME  and Mama holding baby DENNY  Jr.  – –  newly home from the HOSPITAL in 1939 – –  you just have to stop and wonder … this PHOTO taken and somehow survived all the moves from this house to that house – – from Missouri to Florida and back to Missouri – – and even more moves – – and HOW does a few PHOTOS remain safe for a future date – – when all you have of the first born of your brothers is memories and a few old PHOTOS?

Just to have this PHOTO survive  with such good memories is because … I believe that our Almighty Yahweh had all of this planned way before anything was to happen – – and that some day  – – like today… DENNY’s BIRTHDAY – – and  because… I like to write about the old memories  I have – – for a legacy to my children and Grand-children and those that are  NOW …  soon to be on  their way – – to find those things  that met a lot to ME – – and they  will be able to know more about  ME – – from those things  in LIFE … I thought were good and memorable. Especially if they take the time to read in the BIBLE Psalm 139 – – the answers to our being here … NOW!

This is MAMA holding baby, DENNY,Jr. and in her handwriting on this PHOTO – – and we can see baby DENNY’s face – – and his face is of an ANGEL – – so beautiful – – and with red hair – – which everyone thought was just the best shade  of  “RED” – – if you were to pick  – – this would be the perfect color. And looking at this PHOTO – – MAMA sure does look good – – just a perfect shape after having two children

What more can I say – – Both MAMA and DENNY, Jr. are NOW in HEAVEN – –  – – doing those things that we all hope to do in Eternity – – give PRAISE and HONOR to our CREATOR – – for ever more!     D.V.

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“Just ONE MORE DAY – – and then… DENNY’s BIRTHDAY”

                    “Guess – I have to wait??”

“I’m waiting and waiting – but for how long  – do I have to wait??” Seems that  – there is still a “Birthday Gift”  – on it’s  way and it has been to P.A.  – N.C. and Florida and in this picture  –  – I’m sitting here at my “Grandma’s  house in Ohio.

The message about a  “Birthday Gift”  for me on my BIRTHDAY – which  is the 24th – – so what happened??  I’m sure that they said that  – my gift – was coming via “FED-X”  — – but now that I think about it  –  “I’m wondering if maybe they said  “Pony-Express??”

As –  you can see  – this  photo is on the “older”  side –  and as old as this photo is  – – – way  back when I was sitting in this chair – I do believe that the “PONY EXPRESS” was not running  – guess that  –  the Indians shot all the Cowboys – those that where riding their horses in the  “Wild West”  – – – so that today –   there surely should be a much faster  –  shipping company running around with packages in their trucks  – and hopefully before I get too much older??? – “I just may receive something extra     special!”

“It’s the PITS – when you are a small child and have to wait – almost forever – just for a  “BIRTHDAY GIFT!”  – – “One thing for sure  – I am tired of sitting in this  chair – don’t they know that the bright   “SUN” is pouring  right  into  my eyes  – -and I have to squint – and now my picture is not going to be as nice as it could be – – –  only,  if I did not have to squint?”

“Just a second thought – – the longer I sit here — – my hair is getting more ‘red’   – – and the freckles are coming  to me in heaps and  with that … they are becoming  so big and red,   so…  instead of just calling me “JUNIOR!”   as I am as of NOW –   “Oh well… not for me to worry about what I am called…  I just know that my   new  “NICK-NAME”   will soon be  “RED”  –    – –   “But not everyone can be a “JUNIOR” – –  or even “RED”   can they?”  

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                     “The Three Musketeers”



L to R – Ted Porter – Denny McClarren – Richard Garger

This picture is on the grounds of German St.Vincent Orphan Home with a “picnic celebration”   going on and the above…  “Three Musketeers”   made  this … their  extra special day  for  a  get-together for  all of  the good and old time memories  – – that they shared in  – – – -for so many years  with lots  of    “Fun and Games!

AND… Have FUN with the memory of the…   “MOVIE SCREEN ” – – “MUSKETEERS”


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“DENNY McClarren, Jr., makes first long distance TRIP – alone”

News-Paper clipping of my brother, DENNY McClarren, Jr. travels to OHIO from St.Louis – – all by himself – – and was wearing a “NAVY Sailor ” outfit – – just like his DADDY! – – – WWII  when every family was making sacrifices — for the good of all  AMERICANS!


                  “Those were the Days”

Just talking  with someone about the  WWII  years  and things happening that the young people    –  today  – know nothing about!   During those years  we had  “Air-Raids”  –  signal  – lights searching the sky for  “enemy planes ”  – “Blackouts” and sirens  blowing!    With the lights out,  in the house, my brothers and I went out side to the corner of the block – no buses running  – no automobiles  – no traffic of any kind – it was like the world stood still!  This was a good time for me to practice my  cart-wheels and somersaults  – the intersection made a good “stage” to have fun!

My Daddy, had already put in three (3) two-year stints in the Army, but now he was being  ‘called  up’   for the Navy – to work in the ship-yards – doing welding work. I wanted to go with him to California, but I had the “mumps”  – my brothers were now well , and I couldn’t go anywhere.

Tommy  was the “Lucky” one,  to  get  to go to California with DADDY  and  then our Grandparents in Ohio wanted Denny to come up and stay with them on their farm!    So,  when  all the arrangements were made –   Denny would be wearing his little  ‘Navy’ outfit  which really looked good on him  – he looked very Patriotic   –  specially with the  “WAR’  going on!

Denny, a little 4 year old , chubby lad ,  wore a well marked identification tag – —  around his neck  with instructions to all of  the bus station operators and  drivers  – concerning his destination to  Circleville, OH  –  a Greyhound  route direct to Columbus –  then transferred to Circleville OH.    Denny   arrived  well and happy  on Tuesday at  ‘Noon’  after Mom and I  were at the station Monday evening – putting him on the bus.

The  Newspaper Reporter  –  stated,   “Denny  made  the long distance travel record….  all by himself! ”   How could you not notice a cute “Lad” full of Freckles and  “RED” hair? “Everyone  just fell in LOVE with “LITTLE DENNY Jr.!”

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“DENNY… Tis Himself”


                                “Happy Birthday “Denny” 

If you are going to have a  Birthday on the 24th of January  –  you can “celebrate”  so much better  –  in that   warmer climate of Florida!      Happy Birthday  “Denny”  – hope this is  the “Best of Best Birthdays and  many more!” It will be real nice to have  a “party”  in the Sunshine State!

Wish we were still living  only a mile from the  “Ocean?”  I remember when  we were celebrating “New Year’s Day”  in swimsuits on the beach! This last week brought in the coldest weather in two years.  One day it was    60  degrees and a day or two later   – we were a  freezing zero!  But, like they say  – If you can live in Missouri  –  You can live anywhere! When we  were living in  Florida  –  there were several neighbors who had two (2) homes on their property  lot.  Now…  that I think  about it and with a little wisdom  –  feel more families should have that second home, for family or rental.  That way one could travel or vacation and always have someone there to manage  and do a “perimeter check” – security and safety is the way to go.

For your birthday was reading   a combination of things – – just to see what some old books … can come up with???   Also…  for   Aquarius  your colors are pastel  shades of blue and greenAnd the “GREEN” is so correct – – since you are so “IRISH” –  – you have a terrific smile  with the best shade of red hair and all those  freckles!

All the best comes from  Almighty  Yahweh     –  so my prayers  and wish is for  His  abundant  generosity  bestowed on you!   AND…   just read   that  your  “fortunate day”  is  “Wednesday”   – – would you believe that   your Birthday   is  on  WEDNESDAY and  for LUCK  your  good numbers  are   8 and 4   or a  combination thereof.     D.V.     Forever!

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