“Happy Birthday…DENNY Jr.”


Here we are in Circleville, OHIO… maybe 1940…and this is GRANDMA   McClarren’s.. Farm.

From the left…Mary Ellen…DENNY,Jr…TOMMY…and DENNY, Sr. – – back then…most men wore white shoes and those flat-top white straw hats in the Summer  months. As… YOU CAN SEE…MY  FATHER… ALWAYS HAD HIS WHITE SHOES AND WHITE HATS… he was always good looking…at any age… For a “seventy” something PHOTO…looks like we can still have good “MEMORIES” of our trips to OHIO!

One memory that …I remember …is on the long trips to OHIO…as long as the vehicle was moving…it had to be moving…I would sleep and sleep and never a word from me – – but let the vehicle stop…the motor turned off at the gas stations…you could hear me …louder than the whole gang… of us. “WHY” – – “NO ONE could figure it out?” “The vehicle had to be moving.”

NOW…that I am thinking about it…whenever I would be driving …especially the long trips that my husband and the family would take… to FLORIDA or some FAMILY get-to-gather trip…I would drive and drive…and I would not stop…for anything – we were going to get where ever…and… unless I needed to visit the rest room or the vehicle needed gas…we made no STOPS!

Well…today is little DENNY’s BIRTHDAY…and I know that he is having more FUN…since he is NOW…in a far greater place to be…than all of us…put to gather…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…DENNY!

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January and February…are the two months that my  FAVORITE BROTHERS…DENNY and TOMMY have their BIRTHDAYS…and there are only twenty-one days between their BIRTHDAYS.  So…that also gives them… the very same ZODIAC SIGN.

Half way between their  BIRTHDAYS…on “GROUND’s HOG DAY” is our FATHER’s BIRTHDAY… and…just in case that is not  enough BIRTHDAY CELEBRATING… we were LUCKY to have identical twin SISTERS…KATHLEEN and EVE KAREN  – – who have their BIRTHDAY only three days after  little TOMMY’S BIRTHDAY!

As I am looking at this PHOTO… just trying to  figure out if it is a warm day or a cold day???  DENNY has his hat and coat on…and little TOMMY…a year younger …and the one who always had bronchial  breathing problems …and if any one should have the hat and coat on – – you would think that TOMMY would for sure be dressed warmer??? Just goes to show…that if you tell the children to get their hats and coats on…before going outside…some will do  what  they are told…and others … well….just disregard what they are told.  That is a subject that needs to be studied.


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“Guess – I have to wait??”


“I’m waiting and waiting – but for how long  – do I have to wait??” Seems that  – there is still a “Birthday Gift”  – on it’s  way and it has been to P.A.  – N.C. and Florida and in this picture  –  – I’m sitting here at my “Grandma’s  house in Ohio.

The message about a  “Birthday Gift”  for me on my BIRTHDAY – was the 24th – – so what happened??  I’m sure that they said that  – my gift – was coming via “FED-X”  — – but now that I think about it  –  “I’m wondering if maybe they said  “Pony-Express??”

As –  you can see  – the photo is on the older side –  and as old as this photo is  – back when I was sitting in this chair – I do believe that the “PONY EXPRESS” was not running  – guess that  –  the Indians shot all the Cowboys – those that where riding their horses in the “Wild West”  – – – so that today –   there surely should be a much faster  –  shipping company running around with packages in their trucks  – and hopefully before I get too much older???

“It’s the PITS – when you are a small child and have to wait – almost forever – just for a “BIRTHDAY GIFT!”  – – “One thing for sure  – I am tired of sitting in that chair – don’t they know that the “SUN” is in my eyes  – -and I have to squint – and now my picture is not going to be as nice as it could be – – –  only,  if I did not have to squint?”


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“One more day to wait!”



“Only one (1) more day to wait – for everybody to sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Denny!”  This is our backyard – right at the area where we did most of our playing –  Denny is in his favorite chair  – as there are several pictures with Denny sitting in this chair.  Denny could be maybe two and a half – – –  it is hard to tell if he is near his third birthday – the picture just is not as clear – as I would like – but – then  – who am I to say too  much – as I was only one year older than Denny.

Right behind Denny is our “sand-box”  and we had all kinds of buckets and shovels to move piles of sand from this corner to that corner. There was a little boy that lived across the street  – who would come over to play  with us. The only thing that I remember about this boy is that he hit me in the front of the head with his shovel – and I still have a scare  – as a reminder.

Also, you can see part  of  our “swing-set” that – is where  we so often had our pictures taken – guess that is because we had our Easter Baskets – and that was a nice place  – for us to swing “easy” and eat our Easter candy. That was  just the right size  “swing-set” for little “KIDS” like us – easy to get in and sit down – not too high up and off the ground – just in case we were the type to fall off  and hit the ground – – – and it did not swing too fast for us, just in case we  could  not take the motion of  moving and eating   – all at the same time.

“Looks like Denny is ready for his “Birthday”  to begin!   “Happy Birthday Denny!”     “and many more – and more…”

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Happy Birthday “Denny”

If you are going to have a  Birthday on the 24th of January  –  you can “celebrate”  so much better  –  in the  warmer climate of Florida!  Happy Birthday  “Denny”  – hope this is  the “Best of Best Birthdays and  many more!” It will be real nice to have  a “party”  in the Sunshine State!

Wish we were still living  only a mile from the  “Ocean?”  I remember when  we were celebrating “New Year’s Day”  in swimsuits on the beach! This last week brought in the coldest weather in two years.  One day it was    60  degrees and a day or two later   – we were a  freezing zero!  But, like they say  – If you can live in Missouri  –  You can live anywhere! When we lived in Florida  –  there were several neighbors who had two (2) homes on their lot.  Now that I think  about it and with a little wisdom  –  feel more families should have that second home, for family or rental.  That way one could travel or vacation and always have someone there to manage  and do a “perimeter check” – security and safety is the way to go.

For your birthday was reading that your fortunate day is  “Wednesday”  and numbers   8 and 4   or combination there of.  Also, for   Aquarius  your colors are pastel  shades of blue and green!

All the best comes from  Almighty God    –  so my prayer and wish is for  His  abundant  generosity  bestowed on you!

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