“50 Years ago – Chief Curtis Brostron”

It is just  too hard to believe…  some of the old news items – – that one will find – – when they take the time to look through old boxes of memories.

This “NEWS” of  the day – – January of 1967 – –  my husband,  Lee passed away  – – and in this  clipping   – – we see the “Chief of Police  Curtis Brostron”  crown  Miss Carol-Lynn Howard … the Lily Day Queen.

This ceremony took place  at City Hall – – to mark the opening  of the 1967  Easter Seal campaign  of the St. Louis Society …  for  Crippled Children.

The above news story  was just above the story in the ‘newspaper clip’… that is posted above this one.

“WHY did I clip this story?”

Before  “Chief Brostron”  becoming ‘Chief” – – he and my husband,  Lee  Aldrich were riding partners on the St.Louis Police Department – – and very good partners – – if I say so myself. – – So with me knowing  “Mrs. Susan L. Cost” – – and her story right below the “Chief’s” story – – just had to clip and save – – and with all kinds of  memories  – – to remember …”Lee” – – this was the week to find  this old news – – and with the computer  and “fourgrandmas.com” – – just had to let the whole wide world know… and remember if they remember either one of these fine people?

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