“First Sunday of ADVENT in Orphanage”

Not everyone  will remember some of the things that took place  – – back in the 1940’s and 1950’s – – just because you were not living them. Since… I was living back then – – and was in an Orphanage…  – not many think  of and probably do not  know of  – – because children are “NOW”  placed in homes with foster “PARENTS” – – to develop a better “Family” related style of home-living.

“BUT”  – – “When I was just eight years old – – and only in an Orphan Home for (3) three months – – when the “CHRISTMAS SEASON” was starting… with the  first Sunday of “Advent” …four weeks of preparation… before CHRISTMAS.”

This being an “ORPHAN” was all new stuff to me – – as my MOTHER and FATHER were still alive and very much a part of my life. It was very difficult for me to like any part of this being in this home away from my home with my parents. 

There were some children – – that were in this “home” since  the early  age of two (2) – and they were able to like this place – – but for me – – complete confinement –  – – the school rooms and Church and dining halls and bedrooms all in just this one building and all completely fenced in – – was all…  very strange to me.

This first “SUNDAY” of ADVENT was a terrifically good change in an ORPHAN’s   LIFE – – –  this was a “DAY”   like none other – – and one that  – –   had you  only wishing…   would happen  – – more often.

We ORPHANS would get dressed in our “SUNDAY BEST  dress” – even the NUNS that were traveling with us  – – wore their best Sunday Habits – – all nicely starched – they even looked beautiful. Soon the “Greyhound BUS” maybe … three or four – – were pulling up in the drive-way – -and all of the children and plenty of NUNS boarded  – – numbers of who and where to sit – – so as to keep track of each child – – do not want to miss someone – – when the bus  will bring us back – – just amazing – – how well organized  these trips went.

Off to see “SANTA CLAUSE” at the downtown, FAMOUS BARR” store – Saint Louis – – on the ninth floor – –  and  for a little girl – – like me – this was out of the world stuff  – – this excitement – –  would remain with you – – just to wait for it to happen again next year.

When we arrived near the store entrance… the NUNS had us moving and following the directions of the  employees of FAMOUS BARR – – and into the store – to the escalator steps  – not  all in the moving up  mode – – but we kids were moving very fast – the CHRISTMAS  music playing – – with  so much excitement in the air – just not knowing what…  will be happening – – but whatever happens – – it will be FUN!

In the Auditorium – we are taking our place – – as directed – – and on the stage – -lots of  people talking and then a movie and also following a LIVE SHOW – – lots of LIVE people on stage – – we all sing – – there are other  children  from “Orphan Homes” and Institutions of children – – all receiving a wonderful time – – in the land of magic – – just something to dream about for months – –  just waiting for the next time.

(will continue tomorrow)



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