“CHRISTMAS” and going HOME – – is there anything better in this world  – than to dream and or even to think about – – especially for little children – -that are living in an ORPHANAGE? As I was only eight years old- – when first brought to this Orphanage – – and it was only to be on a temporary basis – – till my Mother delivered the twins – – and that was all – -but  – and at a later time  – – you will get the reason for the change.

My parents did not own an automobile at this time – – so we took the bus and the first was the “RAMONA BUS” – which took us to the CITY LIMITS – – and this was so slow – – and the wait for the CITY BUS – – would seem to take forever – and when in the  St. Louis City area – there was  still another bus – – follow with us then…  walking a couple of blocks. This bus stuff could take a couple of hours – – as this was CHRISTMAS DAY – – and in the 1940’s – who travels on CHRISTMAS DAY? You and your FAMILY should have   been  HOME –  with a TURKEY in the oven – – and a couple of pies – would have already been made! That is what I remember and have always  wanted  for our FAMILY – – as HAPPY – – as we once were.

“WOW”…  As we  are walking and close to our house… I just take off running before anyone else and stand on the walkway to the front   door. I can hardly wait – -at last HOME – – and this feeling is the same as running into the “GATES of HEAVEN” – -this is a feeling of being so…  HAPPY and to be with all those you LOVE – – and NOW…  I am hoping… this is where…  I will be forever!

Finally… walking inside…the smell of the “TURKEY” and all the other foods – -my DAD was a CHEF by trade – – and could he cook and do wonders with the FOOD STUFF – – like no one else. But first in the living room – – there  were boxes of stuff  – – more foods and toys  – – it was a whole new world – and all in our HOME – – and I was so HAPPY – – all choked up – – could hardly talk – tears in my eyes — –  if this was not  being in HEAVEN – – where else could it be?

We had so much catching up on – – things to look at  and to do and see  – – how much there was to this  Wonderful  New  LIFE – – that we left behind – -these visits HOME – -make memories in a child’s brain – – that will last forever – – as there is no better TIME on EARTH – than to be at HOME and with your very own FAMILY!  We had one of the biggest TURKEYS and mashed potatoes with lots of good gravy – – and the best “home-made” dressing – – made by the best CHEF, my DAD! There was enough food for an ARMY – – as my DAD was  in the ARMY  – – with three different stints – – and working in the kitchen – – he could make large amounts of food and it was so easy and natural for him – – and the food would just melt in your mouth – it was  “SO-GOOD” – and  there  would  always  be … lots of second helpings for everyone!

*********Will continue and  with something you would never expect! *********

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