“Little Marie Brady… BIRTHDAY…TODAY”

Number… 13… is LUCKY – – for some people?

Would   “YOU” consider being LUCKY – – if you were the    – – “13th”   child to be born in an IRISH FAMILY?

Here sits “Little Marie” with a very surprised look  – – probably wondering – – “What in the world is all of this   commotion  for?” “I’m sitting here… all dressed up like (Lady/Mrs.) Astor’s pet horse”  – – being the second girl in the BRADY FAMILY and fifteen years younger – – than older sister, Irene- – – what a LIFE – – has already been mapped out.

Two of “Little Marie’s” older brothers were already married – – and when  a FAMILY with lots of cousins – – so many were thinking that surely … this  ‘new baby’  has to be one  of the older sons’ – – surely …Mrs. T.F. BRADY is ‘too old’  to still be having more children? But in those days – – lots of children – – meant wealth – – and you may have to be wealthy – – since…  that is a lot of mouths to be fed.

With all the history of the “SMART-BRADY” Family – – no one really knows  exactly why we all  are a part of a much bigger “plan” that was destined  for our LIFE here on  Earth – – but –  it is our duty – – to find…  seek and search out the “TRUTH” in this LIFE – – and what is the ultimate  “PLAN” for believers… to follow.

When one stops to think … about LIFE – – “Your very OWN LIFE” – – there are lots of roads – – leading to places that seem so right… but- – one must “STOP in their tracks”  – – take some time to investigate – – where does all of this lead me – – to what end will I find  in TIME – – is that the “reward” that was promised by our CREATOR – – am I  on that narrow path that may be difficult at times – – hard times – – here and there – – but with the TRUTH – – just must continue on with the WORD.

“Happy Birthday to the best  “MOM”  – – I know YOU are in Heaven”

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“Remember…MOTHER…Every DAY”


                 “Sure hope  that we remember “MOTHER” every DAY!”

Sometime in the mid 1950’s… “nosy me” – looking in closets – up on the top shelves – – those places – – that –  once someone packs the box of stuff – thinks – – “this is a safe place to store “stuff” that  – – I want – – but have no need of …NOW!”

“WHY… do I…  like to look through old  – dusty boxes –  – that are put away – –  and just plainly  – – that is  to me… forgotten?”  When I was in my teens – –  looking into old boxes of stuff – – just has some kind of intrigue  to me – – almost like being a “detective” – – with maybe “HOPES”  to find  – – some lost treasure??

NOW… that I am thinking about the old days – –  it just came to mind – – that back in the 1940’s – for the WWII  – – the WAR effort – – it was my duty as an AMERICAN – little girl – to take my wagon and travel all around the neighborhood – – looking for metal and newspapers and magazines – – and take to the designated places – – to help  AMERICA – – WIN the WAR! We also collected the bacon grease and oils in old coffee cans –  and those were turned in at the corner grocer – – as there was a need – and if there was any way  – –  for me to look and find something that – – could be used – – for something… with  a real need and purpose – – well – that is where I am coming from – – as I think – –  that I am still doing that!

So… taller and able to handle a “step-ladder” –   – I was on a mission to find  out  – what was in the boxes –  – on the high shelves – – that  – just sat in the same space – – for years!  To my surprise – – old “PHOTOS” – – and of “OLD” people that I did not know – – and never saw.  The above “PHOTO” of my MOTHER – – was in one box with some others – and as I was looking at the above “PHOTO” – – my MOTHER – – informed me that she did not like this PHOTO – – and never wanted it – – to be  hung up on the wall – – as that is what I wanted  to do.

The above “PHOTO”  was beautiful to me – – and I could never find out – – why MOM did not like it???  So…for years and years  – – I kept this “treasure” hidden in my photo albums –  – – but when my  MOTHER left this earth – – this very same week many years ago – –  I finally  – – found a frame for this treasure  – and –   “It”   NOW –   hangs in my bedroom – – so I can see this treasure  – – my MOTHER – – every DAY!


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“For Such a “TIME” as This”

—- CLICK on PHOTO —–

———- Can you see – – LOVE in the faces of MOTHER and BABY, DENNY – –   and the concern of big sister, MARY ELLEN – – – – –

This PHOTO – – is one of my favorite’s – –   If ever you need to  see…”MOTHER’s LOVE” – – –  this is the  “one”  PHOTO – – – – – the story of  LOVE – – is what you see and remember! – FOREVER…

Denny 75 001


Denny on DeSoto 001

This  PHOTO – – of my MOTHER taken from the rear – – showing little baby DENNY’s face – – – also shows that  “MOM”  still has her good shape – –  – and making us – DENNY and me so comfortable and truly LOVED!





And just one year later…. our little brother, TOMMY is born… and in the  “PHOTO”   posted here – –  and done in color – – –  is having his first baby PHOTO – – that I have been able to find.  Of course – – I am just old enough to stand as guard – – the “Guardian Angel” to keep  baby, TOMMY from making a movement – – for which he would take a fall – – and it was up to me to make sure – – that  – that did not happen! (Looks like I am ready… for anything???)



Here we all are – –  baby, TOMMY  on “MOM’s”  lap  and sitting in the big rocker –  – – and little DENNY in the little  rocking chair – – and of course that is me, MARY ELLEN – – standing “GUARD” – – just in case something  is  needed – –  something falls – –  as I always had the  “Wings of Mercury” on my heels – always running and in a hurry  – – to be where I was needed – – and this helped me when in school – – as I was also the “Basketball STAR” – – so maybe to keep the body moving – you get where you are going! (You can have a good laugh – – HERE!)



Mom & all 4 001


This is “DESTINY”  – – – Here is where you would ask the question. ..  “Why would we three wonderful children  –  ever –  need to go to an “ORPHAN’s HOME” – – when are parents  were alive – – and all things in LIFE – – on the surface looked good?”

If you are a”TRUE BELIEVER” – – and take the time to read the BIBLE – Psalm 139 – – that is where you will see that  – – our CREATOR – – has a plan for us – and before  we were even a thought to our parents – – our LIFE –    had a pre-destined plan – – and most of the TIME – – that is what we follow –  – and all for the GLORY   of   the ALMIGHTY!

In this PHOTO – – you are seeing a small addition to the FAMILY!   Now, in the year 1946… my sisters KATHLEEN and EVER KAREN,   identical    twins were born – – one of the TWINS did not live   – although each of the twins did weigh “eight and a half” pounds  – – and my MOM was 46 years old – –   Even with all the trials and tribulations that each of us have – – all of our days here – – some make it and some do not – – 

If “FACES” – – can speak – – we all look very “HAPPY” – –  and do you know  WHY – –  “When a FAMILY is together – – no matter what else in LIFE – – It is that LOVE of the FAMILY  together – – that is so strong – and LOVE just shows through!” – – “That is why – – one must remember – – that this one “MOMENT” – – is all we have – – and to learn to LOVE and LIVE in that only for sure   MOMENT of TIME – – is all we ever really have – – and if there is more…  TIME for us – – then try to  “TREASURE”  in your MEMORY BANK – – all the LOVE that you LUCKY  to collect!”

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“MOM” in her first automobile!


This picture is so old – those who know their automobiles will be able to let me know the exact year and make of this vehicle  – that my MOTHER is sitting in?

In trying to see my MOM’s face better – – –  had to move the lighting  to… as much  light –  as I could go – and  – still mot lose all of the back ground. At first looking at this photo – it looked like my MOTHER had a  very wide brim hat on – but that is not the case .  Looks like she has a “beanie-type” cap –  on. In  this picture she has very long and wavy hair.  In my LIFE –  –  never saw her in  wavy long hair – –  evidently the long hair was too hard to take  care of  – – when she was having a new child each year?

In this picture – MOM has  a very nice smile and is looking very happy! The year could be –  1936 – and as I remember – – before any of us children arrived on the scene – my FATHER had to have an automobile – so my MOTHER bought one. When it was ready for pick-up from the Auto Dealer – my MOM did not know how to drive it? In those days –  there was not enough traffic to worry about – and someone at the DEALERSHIP – did show my MOM how to drive it –  so she said she thought she would drive it home – – -but as  she drove for a block or two along Natural Bridge Road   –  for some reason  – – which MOM did not  – know WHY – -the vehicle stopped!

My Mother had to call for help – in order to get the vehicle home. Why my Mother did not – first  –  get to learn how to drive – is something else? I did write about the one time that – my Father was going to teach MOM  – how to drive when we were little and living in the PINE Lawn area –  – on  this occasion – we kids were in the back seat  – –  and MOM was at the wheel – –  and the vehicle seem to be going up the hill – and then – just as fast –  we were rolling backwards  – and down the hill – I was the oldest and scared and probably screaming  – as loud as I could –  as I could see that we were going to crash – but more than that  – I cannot remember??? 

This picture of my MOTHER – was taken when she was very happy –   as she did get married  – her Father had died and she did not want to tell her Mother  – as she was in her 80’s!   MOM had her own  money to buy the fur coat that she has on  – and also enough  to pay  cash for the vehicle – as back in those days –  – My Mother had told me she paid for everything  – I do know that she did lose a lot of money  when the “crash” hit in the 1920’s – as I still have the old  BREMEN  BANK BOOK – that shows what she lost!  —   In LIFE – we all have our “ups and downs” – the secret is to continue on course and never look back at the bad – – –  always moving forward toward the “GOAL”  –  that we have to accomplish –  and pass on to each   new generation  – LOVE and TRUTH – to do better!

“HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY”  “MOM” you are the “BEST” …

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“Happy Mother’s Day” to the “BEST!”

Denny 75 001

This picture of my MOTHER is the #1 –  “picture” of a thousand words! It is said –  that a “picture”  is worth a “Thousand Words” – and if –  I ever saw a picture speaking a thousand words – this is the picture that  takes the prize!

This is 1939 – and my brother,  Denny Jr., was born the 24th of  January – and with a three week stay in the hospital – for Mama and baby – this picture is  of us  three – in late February. As you can see – I am the most concerned as only a big sister can be… – always have been on the mosey side – since I was born in September – and those that are born in September – seem to be on the highly critical side – that is – we want everything done –  “right” and done on  “time” –  and if not… we will speak up and let the whole world know  – what is going on!

My MOTHER – was the 13th  and last child in her FAMILY – and the second  daughter  – 15 years younger than her older sister,  Irene Brady – and  in those days  – someone would be needed to take care of the elderly parents – and so that  was the plan for my MOTHER! She was not allowed to take  on – any working position outside of the home. She also was not allowed to get married – as there was someone she did want to marry – but  – her parents had other plans for her???

If you believe what is written in Psalm 139 – then you can only give Thanks… for the results  – that is –  what my  “MOM’s” life was like and that  in the  her  destiny  – it followed the Plan that the Almighty had for her  – including  all of us – I can only say that  –  I feel all  of the best of choices were predestined – to be  –  –  and that I am here having – –  nothing to complain about!   My “MOTHER” was the  very “BEST” choice for me  – I can only think  – that when everyone takes the time to really think about their LIFE – and assess their complete   situation – everyone will find that the “CREATOR of our LIVES” – did an excellent job!

“I miss you –   “MOM”  –  and know that you are now in a much better  place  – than here – someday we will all be together   – and we will then… be rejoicing  – just to  be  –  in eternity forever – I LOVE  “YOU” – MOM!”  –   always  and for ever…more –  xoxoxoxoxo

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May Events –

Just for starters –May is the Month for “Older Citizens!” I sure am glad to know that – so now all I need to do is find out “WHY?”

May 5th – “Cinco de Mayo” – hope everyone will be celebrating!

May 7th – “World Wide Laughter Day” – this “Laughter Day starts on the 1st Sunday in May and should last at least three days? This will give people enough time to organize some kind of “FUN and GAMES” – so that each following year – more and more people will be joining with lots of laughter – keep it circulating – it’s good for the heart – you’ll stay healthy – forever!

May 13th – Sunday – Gail M. Pidgeon – girl friend of mine –  since we were in grade school!  Wishing you a very special and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and so many, many more!

May 18th – Sunday – Jaime A. Aldrich – This is the BIG 24 Birthday! “WOW” – Turn on the “FIRE-WORKS!” I sure hope everyone is getting ready – right now – to make this the biggest day of the year! “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – may Almighty God bless you with so many blessings – now and forever!

May 26th – Monday  – Celebrate “Memorial Day” – Remember all the wonderful people who are no longer here – they gave their “LIFE”  – so our COUNYRY would be FREE TODAY!

May 30th – Friday –Paul A. Jung – Birthday – Veteran – Graduate with our class of 1952 – German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home Alumni – Almighty God’s Blessings forever!

May 31st – Saturday – Louise Vosmeyer Stanley – born in Germany 1881 – died just short of her birthday on May 9th, 1972 – Mother to Harry Aldrich and Clarence, Al and Lee and Ruth  and Gertrude Aldrich-Geier  and Elsa  Aldrich-Munson. Also a son Ralph Stanley and Daughter Florence Stanley-LaFever – May Almighty God Bless all the Aldrich’s, Stanley’s, who have passed along the way to their reward in Heaven!

May 11th – Sunday – the most important “DAY” to me – Mother’s Day! The most important person in my LIFE – is my “MOTHER,  Marie B. McClarren” – she also passed on just a couple of days’ before Mother’s Day – and I know she is in Heaven with Almighty God  – who blesses her – for she suffered so much while here on earth. “HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY   MOM –  you are A #1” – I will always love  and miss “you” the most-est!!!  xoxoxoxoxo …




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