Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady – my GRAND-PARENTS

A “PICTURE” is worth a thousand words – – and…  am I so glad that these PHOTOS were preserved over all of these years – – and of all the many photos that  may have been taken and some of the older brothers in the BRADY FAMILY – – may have collected and kept – – but that which I am grateful for having of my GRAND-PARENTS – – was saved by my MOTHER- to-be and  she was the last and the thirtieth child in the  BRADY FAMILY!


I can not tell the age of  my GRAND-PARENTS is the above PHOTOS – – but they do look fairly young and in very good health  for two immigrants to AMERICA. On the left is ANNE E. Smart BRADY – – my GRAND-MOTHER to be  – – and she did have thirteen children – – and the last  of her children was to be my MOTHER, Marie.

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1920 – Notice  long hair and very long skirts… Click  on  to enlarge.

MOM 1920 002

This PHOTO – – has a lot to tell us…. in the center is my GRANDMA, “ANNE  E.  SMART  BRADY” – – and in her younger days – – as she did live to be in her 80’s!  Another thing about this PHOTO  is that it is the oldest of any of my “GRANDMA ANNE”  – as there are several in her older and more worn out looking days… considering she only had thirteen (13) children – – and the last of her children to be born in 1900 – – and of course you know who that was…  you see her…  in the above PHOTO – – and we had a hard time getting the image to appear  – – as best as we could – – standing on the right side of the PHOTO – – is my MOTHER – to – be “MARIE” – – and she sure does  look   so  “HAPPY” – – must have been “MOTHER’s DAY” – – when the photo was taken.



There is one  “LESSON”  in LIFE – – that I just  keep forgetting – – whatever I say  – something  “too” positive or negative –   – I need to sit on the fence – just looking through my gallery of photos – and found two  (2)  other  – – old photos  – – these are are the youngest of “Miss ANNE E.  SMART” –  – and another – – so …….



Here is the  “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady” – –  My Mother’s MOTHER and  FATHER – – and when they  were  married  – – and –   all of  the time –  that they were married – –  ANNE’s MOTHER came to live with  them! – – This must have truly been a very blessed FAMILY – – as  just – –  how many  young men  – – do you know –  that will  “WELCOME”   the “MOTHER – in- LAW”  –  to be a permanent   FAMILY member – – and  – – they must have had a very happy  relationship – – as they all lived  long lives – – and  in to their 70’s and 80’s – –  something  to think about???

Inquiring Minds…want to know – – so if you are…  up to date … reading the BIBLE – – you will find that the “Fifth  Commandment” (the 5th) gives a promise – – – truly LOVE and Respect your PARENTS – – and you will receive a long LIFE!  If you can do that – – You will find that you will LOVE and be CONTENT with your PATH here on earth – – finding enjoyment in all of  the  plans our CREATOR has for you! “Moderation   –  in everything – – – is the “KEY” WORD!”



This is the spot – – for me to proclaim to the ALMIGHTY – – – how grateful and thankful – – that I am – – for all of  the tremendous “GIFTS” –  – that  – – HE has given to me!

Looking at the above PHOTO – – can you see all the LOVE of LIFE – – that  your eyes are taking in…  millions of anything you could have – – could not buy – – all the LOVE surrounding me… –  – as you can see by the card that I am holding… It is…  MOTHER’s DAY – –  – – and this is forever – – – one of the GIFTS on the TOP of my  THANK YOU YAHWEH – lists – – this is the memory that I most cherish! 

Evidently… these wonderful  “GIFTS” started generations and generations – – long before anyone ever thought about – – who along our lines of marriages and children to follow – –  will find  – – that  by reading the TRUTH and  WORD – – just to be a “TRUE BELIEVER” – – when you find that narrow path less traveled – – the reward will be  so…  great!  So..  in the above PHOTOS and lots of others on  this site – –  everyone did their part – – and I hope to pass this info  on to those that follow me – – and in hopes that all enjoy – – all…  just as I have enjoyed – – keeping the memory – – in my heart – – to take with me wherever…  and when   ever!

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