Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady – my GRAND-PARENTS

A “PICTURE” is worth a thousand words – – and…  am I …  ever so glad…  that these PHOTOS were preserved over all of these years – – and of all the many photos that  may have been taken and  even some of the older brothers in the BRADY FAMILY – – may have been collected and kept – – but that which I am  most grateful for… is  having  these of my GRAND-PARENTS – –  and  these  young “Grand-Parents” to be…were  saved by my MOTHER- to-be and  she was the last and the thirtieth child in the  BRADY FAMILY!


I can not tell the age of  my GRAND-PARENTS in the above PHOTOS – – but they do look fairly young and in very good health  for two immigrants  coming  on different ships  and in different years… to AMERICA. On the left is ANNE E. Smart BRADY – – my GRAND-MOTHER to be  – – and she did have thirteen children – – and the last  of her children was to be “my MOTHER, Marie.”

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1920 – Notice  long hair and very long skirts… Click  on  to enlarge.

MOM 1920 002

This PHOTO – – has a lot to tell us…. in the center is my GRANDMA, “ANNE  E.  SMART  BRADY” – – and in her younger days – – as she did live to be in her 80’s!  Another thing about this PHOTO  is that it is the oldest of any of my “GRANDMA ANNE”  – as there are several in her older and more worn out looking days… considering she only had thirteen (13) children – – and the last of her children to be born in 1900 – – and of course you know who that was…  you see her…  in the above PHOTO – – and we had a hard time getting the image to appear  – – as best as we could – – standing on the right side of the PHOTO – – is my MOTHER – to – be “MARIE” – – and she sure does  look   so  “HAPPY” – – must have been “MOTHER’s DAY” – – when the photo was taken.



There is one  “LESSON”  in LIFE – – that I just  keep forgetting – – whatever I say  – something  “too” positive or negative –   – I need to sit on the fence – just looking through my gallery of photos – and found two  (2)  other  – – old photos  – – these are are the youngest of “Miss ANNE E.  SMART” –  – and another – – so …….



Here is the  “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady” – –  My Mother’s MOTHER and  FATHER – – and when they  were  married  – – and –   all of  the time –  that they were married – –  ANNE’s MOTHER came to live with  them! – – This must have truly been a very blessed FAMILY – – as  just – –  how many  young men  – – do you know –  that will  “WELCOME”   the “MOTHER – in- LAW”  –  to be a permanent   FAMILY member – – and  – – they must have had a very happy  relationship – – as they all lived  long lives – – and  in to their 70’s and 80’s – –  something  to think about???

Inquiring Minds…want to know – – so if you are…  up to date … reading the BIBLE – – you will find that the “Fifth  Commandment” (the 5th) gives a promise – – – truly LOVE and Respect your PARENTS – – and you will receive a long LIFE!  If you can do that – – You will find that you will LOVE and be CONTENT with your PATH here on earth – – finding enjoyment in all of  the  plans our CREATOR has for you! “Moderation   –  in everything – – – is the “KEY” WORD!”



This is the spot – – for me to proclaim to the ALMIGHTY – – – how grateful and thankful – – that I am – – for all of  the tremendous “GIFTS” –  – that  – – HE has given to me!

Looking at the above PHOTO – – can you see all the LOVE of LIFE – – that  your eyes are taking in…  millions of anything you could have – – could not buy – – all the LOVE surrounding me… –  – as you can see by the card that I am holding… It is…  MOTHER’s DAY – –  – – and this is forever – – – one of the GIFTS on the TOP of my  THANK YOU YAHWEH – lists – – this is the memory that I most cherish! 

Evidently… these wonderful  “GIFTS” started generations and generations – – long before anyone ever thought about – – who along our lines of marriages and children to follow – –  will find  – – that  by reading the TRUTH and  WORD – – just to be a “TRUE BELIEVER” – – when you find that narrow path less traveled – – the reward will be  so…  great!  So..  in the above PHOTOS and lots of others on  this site – –  everyone did their part – – and I hope to pass this info  on to those that follow me – – and in hopes that all enjoy – – all…  just as I have enjoyed – – keeping the memory – – in my heart – – to take with me wherever…  and when   ever!

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