“Powerful Katrinka”

When you hear words and or names that sound funny to your ears – that is when you are a little kid – they have a way of getting stuck in your brain, somewhere. My Mother had the best command of the “English Language” and with her voice and diction – she could have been a stand-in for actress, Betty Davis. When my Mother wanted your attention – she had the voice to let you know exactly what she wanted and there was no way for you escape – it came across so very clear!

As I grew – up – taller- and able to reach and do what she was not able to – my Mother would refer to me as her Powerful Katrinka! I always thought that I was the next “Super Woman” since I was able to do whatever Mom wanted me to.  There was the time when my Father was not around and not available and with the cold weather coming and Mom needed the storm-windows hung and she was unable to do the hanging – and she was not able to carry then up from the basement.(I was the only one around and available to be told how you get these windows up from the basement- without breaking – clean – and hang.)

We lived in North Saint Louis and you may have seen the windows  on some of the old houses. The height was at least 6 foot and all one piece with the hanging hooks at the top. So, the job for me was to bring each one up from the basement – without breaking – wash both sides and dry. The windows have all been washed on the outside of the house – so that when this storm-window was hung- we would have clean glass to see through. There were 6 storm-windows for me to hang – now just thinking about doing that job – I’m worn out and could not begin to do any of the work involved!

This was just one of those times when I was called “Powerful Katrinka!”

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