“Sending Love and Blessings to MOM in Heaven”

There is nothing like  taking the time to look at old PHOTOS of those in the BRADY FAMILY!

These Photos are what  you might say … highly prized as they were taken in the early 1900’s in North Saint Louis, on Warne Avenue and in the second Photo  … you see two of the “Four Frandmas” of which  the “fourgrandmas.com”  was founded.

In this first photo , you see Mr. Thomas  F. Brady … and he came from Ireland when he was eighteen years old,,, and since they did not keep good records of their ages in Ireland… while at Ellis Island on entering… if you could reach the bottom of your ear with your fingers…while stretching your hand  up and over the top of your head… you were consider eighteen years of age.

Marie Brady sitting on the right of the stairs, would be the thirteenth and last child in the Brandy family, and will become one of the “four grandmas” that I write about, as many years from the date of the above photo…  she will become my Mother!

The young lady sitting next to Marie is Martha Hoffman, and her family  did own this four family flat.

To own good property like this four family flat… was the thing to do… as I can tell you another story about this property that happened in the year that President  John F. Kennedy was shot!

Evidently this must have been an occasion to remember as several Photos were taken… with the people on these two  photos and  others…  with some other relatives  and  some  are not known… to me!

On the left, in this photo is another of the “fourgrandmas.com” people that I talk about and add her PHOTO … from time to time.

This is Mrs. Thomas F. Brady and she is English, coming over from England with some members of her family.

Anne Elizabeth Smart…  was her name, and I guess that is where we received our “Smarts” as there are some in the family that were  “smart” and some others… still are very smart.

It is nice to have some  extra special things that you know about some of the family.. and then try to figure out if they were naturally so and so …or if there is an extra special gene that we all have… that makes us so smart?

Today is getting close to Marie’s Birthday… and so I just have to think about her… and if it is possible that where she is now… in Heaven… knows that I am also thinking about her and remembering some of the stuff, that she did tell me about all of the family and that I still would like for her to be around… just to pass on some more good tales about all of the old family… that are now  with her… in the great beyond!

“Have the best of Birthdays in Heaven… knowing that we are thinking about you… and remembering all of the good times… so long ago!”         D.V.      xoxoxoxoxoxo

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