Happy Birthday “Denny”

If you are going to have a  Birthday on the 24th of January  –  you can “celebrate”  so much better  –  in the  warmer climate of Florida!  Happy Birthday  “Denny”  – hope this is  the “Best of Best Birthdays and  many more!” It will be real nice to have  a “party”  in the Sunshine State!

Wish we were still living  only a mile from the  “Ocean?”  I remember when  we were celebrating “New Year’s Day”  in swimsuits on the beach! This last week brought in the coldest weather in two years.  One day it was    60  degrees and a day or two later   – we were a  freezing zero!  But, like they say  – If you can live in Missouri  –  You can live anywhere! When we lived in Florida  –  there were several neighbors who had two (2) homes on their lot.  Now that I think  about it and with a little wisdom  –  feel more families should have that second home, for family or rental.  That way one could travel or vacation and always have someone there to manage  and do a “perimeter check” – security and safety is the way to go.

For your birthday was reading that your fortunate day is  “Wednesday”  and numbers   8 and 4   or combination there of.  Also, for   Aquarius  your colors are pastel  shades of blue and green!

All the best comes from  Almighty God    –  so my prayer and wish is for  His  abundant  generosity  bestowed on you!

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Long Distance Travel at 18 months of age!

When there is a  Family Crisis – every member of the family must do their part  – for the greater good.  My husband, Lee  could hardly walk at the age   “45”  –  due to being shot when on the  ‘police force.’   So,  we needed  to get Lee to St.Louis for major surgery.

We were in the  ‘Restaurant’ business (24 hr. 7 day) and could not afford to close down,  so Tom,  #1  son who would be  18 years old  had do to our part, with the guidance of our  “Manager” an older woman, who was willing to take on extra  “responsibility.”

Four boys – the youngest  only  16 months of age – “Al” –   we needed  someone I could trust to care  for “AL”  –  for at least a couple of months? We needed to locate a place to rent  in St.Louis, MO  –  see if the “Telephone Co”    would re-hire me    – with mounting expenses   –  this was more than a family could handle,   all of a sudden!

Every thing set up  –  we left  “Florida” and headed for  “St.Louis”  –  found an apartment  – Lee taken to the Doctor and into the “Hospital”  with previous arrangements  all made  – and the “Telephone Co.”  updated me   – and I was back to work!    I was working a split shift  had afternoons off  –    was able to run to the hospital  and spend time with Lee. Also, checking with Tom  in Florida – giving phone numbers and addresses for every body to reach us  – to pass to our friends and keep  cheering Lee with their cards and messages. I’m grateful and thankful for all those cards from friends and even my boss at the Telephone Co., sending  several long  letters and “cheering him on type”  messages!

Surgery  went well  –  now I needed to get “Al” up here!  Called the Airlines , told them my son,  Al was 18 months old and  I would be having someone bring him to the “Miami Airport”  –  will he be safe traveling alone –   with no traveling companion –  to arrive  at Lambert Airport?  Arrangements  were made – they assured me  –  Al would be safe!

Al arrived at Lambert Airport  and we took pictures  – he was safe and happy!  Al is a pilot today  –  said,   that  he was treated  “Royally” and enjoyed  “Flying!”

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“Those were the Days”

Just talking  with someone about the  WWII  years  and things happening that the young people    –  today  – know nothing about!   During those years  we had  “Air-Raids”  –  signal  – lights searching the sky for  “enemy planes ”  – “Blackouts” and sirens  blowing!    With the lights out,  in the house, my brothers and I went out side to the corner of the block – no buses running  – no automobiles  – no traffic of any kind – it was like the world stood still!  This was a good time for me to practice my  cart-wheels and  somer-saults  – the intersection made a good “stage” to have fun!

My Daddy, had already put in three (3) two-year stints in the Army, but now he was being  ‘called  up’   for the Navy – to work in the ship-yards – doing welding work. I wanted to go with him to California, but I had the “mumps”  – my brothers were now well , and I couldn’t go anywhere.

Tommy  was the “Lucky” one,  to go to California,  and our Grandparents in Ohio wanted Denny to come up and stay with them on their farm!    So,  when    all the arrangements were made –   Denny would be wearing his little  ‘Navy’ outfit  which really looked good on him  – he looked very Patriotic   –  specially with the  “WAR’  going on!

Denny, a little 4 year old , chubby lad ,  wore a well marked identification tag , around his neck  with instructions to the the bus station operators and  drivers  – concerning his destination to  Circle ville, OH  –  a Greyhound  route direct to Columbus –  then transferred to Circle ville OH.    Denny   arrived  well and happy  on Tuesday at ‘Noon’  after Mom and I  were at the station Monday evening – putting him on the bus.

The  Newspaper Reporter  –  stated,   “Denny  made  the long distance travel record all by himself! ”   How could you not notice a cute “Lad” full of Freckles and  “RED” hair?

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“For Goodness’ Sake”

This is the day, this is the week, and the month – to give thought  to what you are letting  your heart broadcast through  the mouth!  When I was in the Orphanage –  Nuns were with their  ‘charges’  at all times.  And, they heard  everything the  ‘Kids’ said! So if you said something in ‘secret’ – or thought you did  –  your punishment would show up later!

Well, in the  Bible reading PS. 25  for yesterday –  in the ‘Digging Deeper’ – verse “7 and 11” read  “For goodness’  sake, O Yahweh.” After reading that, brought to mind – as a very young girl – I used to say,   “For  goodness gracious sake’s alive!”  It’s been a long time  since I even thought about the words expressed for whatever was going on and a need to say something? It could have been worse what I was saying.

The Nuns  had a way with words too,  you would  first hear about – what you say could come out of your mouth when you are applying for a job?  Them, “Empty tin cans rattle the loudest”  and  “Still water runs deep”  and  “Birds of a feather flock  together”  and  “Monkey see  – Monkey do” and  “A stitch in time saves nine.”  There were a lot more and of course  “you” were always called by your number. My number  “91” and a real good one! To talk back to a Nun  –  was just asking for  “trouble!”

So, after seeing “Foe goodness’ sake” in the Bible  – I feel one should use good words  – for someday there’s   –  a day of reckoning!


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Autograph Memories pg.9

Sister Carlotta  (05-13-50)  as I remember Sister always had a big “smile.”  Also, she was primarily on the “boy’s side’   –  with certain duties that  seven or so Nuns did  with the management of the boys the same number of Nuns were with the girls. Some of  these Nuns who  were  with the boys  or girls,  had jobs like sewing and repairing clothes  when scheduled. At one time, the sewing Sisters were busy making what we girls called “spinach dresses” –  they were green and the material itched – just looking at it! After a year or two, they must have sent them all to Germany!

Sister Alfred  (12-08-51)  This Sister was in charge on the “girls dining room”  – and I was one of the workers.  Before  Sister Alfred came to  St. Vincent’s,  Siter Celestine  was in charge of the girls dining room, and I also worked  for her. Nothing exciting  working in the dining room, wash dishes, rinse dishes, dry dishes  and stack dishes  – and don’t break dishes – that will cost you money! We set the tables for the next meal  –  the same family of kids sat at the same table  each meal   – same o- forever! We all got plenty of work  time on the floors – everywhere you work  there’s a floor and they  all need to have a semi-annual scrub! That’s  an on the  knees job!  If there were no other type of job in the world – everybody knows how to clean!

Everyone at the “Orphanage” was on a schedule – the day started at the same time  – each  day ended at the same time   –  each hour you were at the same place as yesterday. Each week you had the menu of food as last week except, Easter   –  two  “Easter Eggs” for breakfast!

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Autograph Memories pg. 8

Mother Ermentrude, no sign in date , but,since   most of the autograph activity   was going on in  “1949”  she is a “49er!”  Mother Ermentrude  was also  “Mother Superior” in charge  when my brothers and I arrived on the scene. Sister was on the elderly side as I remember and very seldom saw her.  That would be a good thing because she did put the  “the fear of the ‘Lord’ in everyone”  – that is the kids!

If ever there was talk of someone in  “trouble” – some of the older kids  would say, “Be sure to stand in front of the glass bookcase , She won’t try to hit you there – for fear of accidentally hitting the glass  bookcase  – her pride and joy!” I’m  “Lucky” – I never got to see her office and bookcase!

Sister Meinulpha  (02-13-52)  signed in with a writing  about the best she could say to someone  – and that   is   “God Bless You”  – and that there are no songs, words and wishes,  with which   to address someone!   Is there anything better?

Sister Meinulpha replaced Mother Ermentrude in the last year or two of my being at St.Vincent’s. Sister has a most beautiful  hand of writing  – every letter perfect and the page is so lovely it really should be framed for all to see and read.

Thank you!   Sisters, for all your   “well wishes”  and  “God Bless You!”

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