January 13th, 2018 – “BABY Shower”

“What a wonderful day it was today… Saturday the 13th of January – – just so bright and sunny – – and not at all as cold as they forecast ed – – just maybe…  PRAYERS for a beautiful day for a “BABY SHOWER” were heard – – and the proof – –  it was just so WONDERFUL!”


It is  so wonderful… when you take the time to think – – that as busy as we all seem to be… TODAY – – We are all able to mark our calendar with  the date and time for a “BABY SHOWER”  – – and make it our business to be there – –  and on TIME! – – This…  was one of those  “SHOWERS” that had everything and even some extras – – and everyone that was invited – – did show up and with the house just so full of guests – – the arrangements for food and desserts and even gifts to be  “WON”   for some very nice prizes – – “OH” – – Can not forget – – one thing different – – when you left the  “BABY SHOWER”  – – there was a special gift just for each guest to take home – –  – – what a wonderful little surprise – – just makes everyone know that they were thought of – – – enough – – to see to it … that they also took home little reminders of the wonderful time that …  they spent with the expecting couple – – no one  is ever forgotten!

Just LOVE… this  little announcement of   “It’s a BOY”  – – – trailer pulled behind an AIR-Plane   – – it has been years and years – – since I have seen this in the … big BLUE SKY – – – guess no one has time for these little bits of extra excrement – – to let the whole wide world know – – when a brand new  little “BABY BOY” is born!


Image result for baby shower decorations

The next time you receive an invitation to a “SHOWER” – – be sure to reply – – and go  – –  to have just as much FUN as I did … TODAY!

If your FAMILY is young enough – – and there is enough LOVE to share with the whole wide wold — –  start planning NOW – – to  be ready – – make and or create new little items to take to the “BABY SHOWER” – – and plan on having as much  FUN  as we all can stuff  into  – – just  one little day – – just the  MEMORIES  of all  of  the FUN – – to share with all of the next  and up-coming  generations to come – – as  they are  all waiting for our invite – – 


“We need NEW PEOPLE… to step into our old shoes!”     D.V.

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