“Remembering our BABY-SISTER… EVE KAREN McClarren”

This PHOTO of  “KAREN ” – – with  big brother, “DENNY”  on the left in the photo – – and  big brother  “TOMMY”  on the right.   I am taking this PHOTO – – on a very  COLD  day – –  for a “visit”  with  our little  sister “KAREN” – – had to go to the “Civil Courts Building” in the downtown  Saint LOUIS area – – as you  can  tell by looking at the background – – You know right where this area is.



“KAREN with  big brother, DENNY – – on his GRADUATION DAY”  “1953”  – – This PHOTO is taken in front of the “German St. Vincent Orphanage Gymnasium” – –  7401 Florissant Road, Normandy, Missouri –  we were in line to get on the “FERRIS WHEEL” – – one of the attractions on the grounds of the  “ORPHANAGE”  to attract lots of Visitors – – to and for this  Graduation-Picnic occasion”.

“If only this Photo would have been in color – – You could see the terrific  shade of  “RED HAIR”  and freckles that DENNY has.”



“This is with MOM and the three of us… February 1946 – – as our baby sister,  “EVE KAREN  Francisca McClarren” was born on the 16th – – and when “MOM and DAD” took our sister to the  “HOLY NAME CHURCH” to be baptized – –  and  were asked what the baby’s  NAME will be – –  he was told  – – “EVE KAREN” – – the Priest said … “there is not a   “SAINT EVE KAREN” – –   DO you have a DOG?” – – “I  need a  “SAINT’s  NAME” – – – So as not to hold up the ceremony – –  “MOM remembered that  – – “Francisca CABRINI”  was in the NEWS – – as just having been canonized a  “SAINT”  – – so that is  “HOW”   – our sister “KAREN” received her  long and full name. This was an “IRISH PRIEST” and his “IRISH brogue” was so strong  – – you could  hardly  understand  what he was saying – -as the word “DOG” really sounded like “DOGUE!”


“This is “KAREN” with DADDY…. and of course the three of  us  – DENNY – ME  –  TOMMY – – in the area where the “APPLE”  trees were growing – – and every so often one of kids – – would run down and get a handful of  ‘apples’  for friends – -but…  for some of the kids – – they could not eat the green “apples”  they would  get… a good case of the “runs” to the bath-room.”

That “SAILOR” out-fit that  “TOMMY”  is wearing – – is the same  “out-fit” that  “DENNY” wore on his trip to “OHIO”  – – when he was  only “four years old”  – – wrote about that trip a couple weeks earlier – – and posted the news-paper clipping along  – – giving all of the particulars of the   long “trip”  that little  DENNY took … all by himself – – when “DADDY” had to go to  “CALIFORNIA”  to work on the  “NAVY SHIPS”   during WWII – – just some the exciting things that the  “McClarren”  children did during those “hard” times  – – and we  all have  lived  – –  long enough to tell about it!

“Just some of the memories of our little sister, EVE KAREN” – – just good to have a few  old  PHOTOS – –  for a “BACK-up” – otherwise – – no one would believe…  half of  the good old days – – when we were  in the bad times of  a  “WAR” and what  “AMERICANS” all did to help  our “COUNTRY”  WIN…  – – but we  “ALL”   just did what we could – – and always felt good – – for what we were able to do.!”         D.V. 

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