“Today is MR. Wonderful’s BIRTHDAY”

TODAY is the  – 13th – – and   as a NUMBER – – standing for a “BAKER”S DOZEN” – –  – – which would make anybody happy to receive a “BAKER’s Dozen donuts – – just to receive  that  little extra donut – – all along the   “LIFE”  trail – – would put  “TOM”   into his  – – 6th –  dozen of donuts – – so…  I would guess “TOM” is  the BIG  “78”… TODAY!

So… the way I like to work with “numbers” – – a very difficult subject at any ‘old’  age – – – ha ha – – small/big  joke – –  just have to say that  all those numbers  – – all put together  – – only make for  our little ole  “TOM”  – – still  – – to be … the best looking  “MR. WONDERFUL” answering his door – – when his FAMILY and FRIENDS – – come a calling!

“If only every one would answer their door like you see in the above PHOTO  – – of our dear big BIRTHDAY  Brother, TOM – – this would end up being a “WONDERFUL WORLD”  for all of us – – such happiness – –   love –  spread to all – – making everyone so HAPPY just to be living and sharing the LOVE of LIFE…TODAY!”

TODAY – – BIRTHDAY wishes for TOM – –  LOVE and BLESSINGS from the Almighty – – who will richly bless us all  with LOVE and Kindness to share with all our neighbors far and near – – making for all of  us to be  smiling to receive  all those  that would come to our door. “KEEP sharing that  “WONDERFUL SMILE” to all the wold!”     D.V.

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