“Professional stool sitter at your service”

Start putting that “stool” to practice – – NOW  – – since “baby LEX” has arrived on the scene – – you  NOW  and at this moment in  TIME…  have a  brand NEW  – – a  very real   live audience to  sit back and take in your every word… song… and…  with your music – – as only you can do!

And… if you pick up your guitar  and pick  – – just add a couple  lines of a good old standby – – that most babies just LOVE to fall asleep with… hearing  sweet tones of songs that you also LOVE – – and one day…  before you even  know it – – “FATHER and SON” will be on stage  singing and joking for audiences  too numerous to count!


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“Note from a FACEBOOK post”

Mary Ellen Aldrich WOW” – – and a “WOW EEE” – – with this PHOTO – – and a few good stories – – and your guitar standing by – – for an in between of a …few musical notes – – to give the audience the full half-hour – – I can see “BROADWAY” calling on you very soon” *********


“I’m listening to every word of your story – – just do not be  too surprised… when I am five or six years old – – and I start to re-peat     every old story  – – that I  ever heard – – and you can not figure out – – how I knew so much!”

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“Baby Lex is waiting … just for  you  DADDY…  to sit  yourself down on that stool – – and  do what you do best… DADDY”

***    *******  D.V.

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