“Angel Baby LEX at REST”

No doubt about it – – this PHOTO makes me think – – that our Guardian Angels must sometimes have  “over-load”  duty – – watching out for us humans and all the silly things that we do – – just trying to get into trouble – – and sometimes even doing things that could  do harm to  us… but the dear “GUARDIAN ANGEL” has to be just a step ahead of our unsteady feet – – and put our feet on the straight  and narrow path – – where we will  be – – “FREE”  – –  from any un-necessary harm or hurt!

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*** To be able to sleep like this – – You just have to be an ANGEL!***

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping, baby and closeup

This PHOTO of a baby sleeping – –  tells me… that  the little “ANGEL”  is saying – – “I gave it my all – –  even my best – – for  everything here on EARTH is going as prescribed – – no fuss – no cares in this world to upset anyone – – may as  well rest – – the Almighty has  given to us “PEACE” – – let us all NOW enjoy  HIS LOVE – – and share it – – where ever we are directed!”

“To share LOVE – – with one another is why we are here on EARTH – – let us learn from our “new-born”  children – – NOW …before it is  one minute… too late!”     D.V.

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