“To all of MY GRANDMAS…Sending My LOVE”

“Great day in the morning… some little ole “rascal”   planted a “smack” right there for everyone to see!”   “Sure do hope that  these  “smacks” wash off – – before I get into trouble – – just being a little fresh!”


****“I just did not realize that I was so popular – – at this early age in my life – – but…  when you have  “four LIVE Grandmas” – – what  can  a little ole fellow like me do – – but  to give   “THANKS ” to my Creator  – – for the FAMILY that wants me and LOVES me the mostest!”


“I just can not  get over all of the attention that I am receiving – – even while I am trying to sleep – – I can still hear  all of the accolades – – almost as if   I was President of some fine organization!”

****“Am I “LUCKY” or not?” – – Here I am in the arms of  my “Great-Great-Great Grandma, Phyllis”  wearing the pink jacket – – and my “MOM” next with big smiles that the FAMILY  has a long life span  – – as “MOM’s”  “Grandma, Char”  is sitting next to her is  now a “GREAT-GREAT Grandma” and her daughter,  “Jill”  has just now become a “Grandma” – – is this exciting  or WHAT?”

“Whit all of those big smiles –  today – – what can a little ol baby like me think – – can tomorrow be much better – – as it is always     TODAY – – Yesterday is gone forever – –  and when we wish for it to be even better TOMORROW – –  that  “day” never arrives – – as it is always just… TODAY!

“So… I am grateful and most THANKFUL for my brand NEW FAMILY – –  and am asking that the Almighty  – – will  Bless each and everyone of my  “GRANDMAS” – –  for all the LOVE that  they share one with another – – as it is that “LOVE” that makes this world keep on  a  turning day to day!”    D.V.

***    *******

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