“Almost the same as in 1962 – Today 2018”

“You would almost think that I had invested in the  “PHOTO MAKING”  business – – since…  I like to tell everyone to take more PHOTOS … of important events!”  “And “FIRST-TIME” parents will just LOVE seeing their children’s first PHOTOS – – of all of their “FIRST EVENTS” later in LIFE!”

This PHOTO was just taken last month of my “GREAT-Grandson, Lex”  and his MOM, my “GRAND Daughter, Alyssa” now a first time MOM… and she is so beautiful and so content which is a must for baby,Lex – – and for any MOTHER – – if she wants peace and quiet and harmony. One thing that I have seen  in different households – – is when the PARENTS are not  able to keep their selves “HAPPY”  when around the new born baby – – the cries… only because that is their only way to say – – “your being content makes for me to be even more content” – which means – – we all get a good night;s sleep!

 Just looking at this pose – – just had to look through some old  photo albums to see if I am remembering  – – almost a similar     PHOTO of myself – – and my first born,”LEE” only sixty years ago!

 “This is new born “BABY,  Al  – – and this Polaroid Photo taken on January the  16th – –  Al  was born on the 9th of January – – in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So in doing the easy math – –  “baby Al” is  now “one week old” – – this must be a night time feeding as it is dark – – and I see a bottle in the back ground – –  and guess everything is just  “top drawer” as  “baby Al” is yawning – – looks like he ready for more sleep for him and “forty winks” for me!

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