“Hi DADDY… I See You”

“What a miracle it is to be able to hold your first  “New Born Baby”  in your arms… “WOW” – – it is truly one of the greatest of experiences that  a man can have … just the holding of all that is most  “DEAR”  – – my very own “SON, Lex” – – my very own bundle of LOVE!” “I see  a bit of a smile on “Daddy”s”  cheek – – as he is gazing into the  face of  his  little baby, Lex – – because “Baby Lex”  is so happy to be held by  “DADDY” – –  he is trying to form the words…”I LOVE YOU… DADDY”  on his lips – –  as he is trying to open his eyes – – just enough to let his “DADDY” know… that this is the best place in the whole wide world – –  just  to be held in his “DADDY’s” arms!”

 The LOVE connection continues – – when  “BABY ” makes “three”  – – and it is time to go HOME from the Hospital – – under the  “watchful eye”  of DADDY” … all  can be calm –  – sweet and tender – – as  little baby Lex gets his  “forty winks”  on the shoulder of his DADDY – – and with such secure hands holding  baby  – – looks like the  HOME is running on  a smooth  and easy keel.

“I just LOVE this PHOTO – – with baby, Lex  so content on DADDY’s  shoulder – –  so many homes today – –  that have new born children just do not realize that – – there has to be lots of LOVE – – in the household to run smoothly – – above all …  try  remembering… plain ole peace and quiet – – and…  a   “baby” can tell before anyone – – that  to keep everything on a steady even keel – –  for  all … ‘every one’  can get plenty of rest to continue  into the next day – – full of vim  and vigor  to accomplish – – all of the necessary work that must  then and  NOW… be done!

***    *******   D.V.

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