“True LOVE” “YOUR Security Blanket”

              “Gargantuan Love” … Affair!


Is this   “LOVE”   or is this … an enormous and tremendous “Security Blanket” – – a  huge “bed of protection”  – – that only the giant “Troy” can give  our little  baby “Miss Minnie” –  – the above picture is truly called “LIFE is LOVE” for one and all!

In LIFE – we all – or  – should I say –  all of us little people  – need a “giant”  – someone that is very big and “kind”  to our every need – – and maybe someone…   that we can depend  upon  –  at all …  of  those  times  – which we “little ones” would maybe find ourselves in some  kind  of  very serious   trouble –  – – if  – it were not for our having   – –  the  very best of best type of   – a very  true –   “FRIENDSHIP!”

Just looking at little “Miss Minnie” stretch and move in such a way as to get her little “backside” itched and roll around and have all of her fine “fur” fluff and puffed – so as to feel as if in the “beauty shop  arms”  of her own “mama” who would give her little baby all the special attention that a little baby “Kitty” needs …

Everyone knows  – – that the giant “TROY” has a “sixth” sense of   – – what  is going on –  – even though it may look as if he is sound asleep – but he is so happy and proud to be the biggest of big  –  and the one and only  protector that little”Miss Minnie” will ever need!

Everyone…  should be so   “LUCKY”  … so as  to have their very own – – always most  faithful – –  full of LOVE and  and such a wonderful  “PROTECTOR!!!   “Life is Love and  a wonderful  LOVE”  – –  and just seems to be the best kind of a LIFE – – for all of  us to have… and  is… all free from our most WONDERFUL Creator… Himself!     D.V.

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