“Pictures taken  immediately   upon receiving your FIRST GRAND-Son,Lex – – into your arms – -just capture everything!”   It is when a new set of arms  will hold the new-born baby, Lex – – that has  some mystery of expression on faces – – the new way of holding baby – – and more than anything else – – warmth!

 For a  surprise visit – -no special occasion – – just  a “let’s get together” for a few hours – – and for the best part of the afternoon – – little baby,Lex receives some undivided time in the arms of all those that are around. This could develop into a game to be played – – by some big “Game Making Co.” – – as there are not enough Families having new-born  babies – – and “FIRST” new-born babies – –  to share the FUN and Excitement of getting to hold a brand new baby.

Each person sitting around and watching the reaction of the “baby and the new holder”  – – the way the baby is being held – – and my concern may have bugged some holders – – as I did have to put in my two cents of  information – – that the baby should be held this way and more care needs to be for the head and position in the arms – – as I still feel that…  that the “NEW-BORN” needs extra special attention – –  “I’m guessing that I just have too much of the old school stuff – – and today… they have all new ways to do stuff – – and no one making the NEW RULES – –  bothered to  ask “ME”  – – and did not get my permission to change” – – that is  because I am stuck in the ways that I was taught!  “A small change may be made – – but it will be small!

What I just LOVE is the connection between  baby,Lex – – and his new “GRAND- DADDIO,  Al”  – something in the singing and or the words  spoken directly and only to baby,Lex  – – along with the way “Lex” was being  held – – little “Lex” looks like a “real-live baby doll” – – to look at this picture – – such a perfect  face of  full understanding and interest in what is being said and or sung – –  the connection  would have lasted for a LIFE-TIME – – if it were not for someone else wanting to hold baby,Lex!

Is this that perfect picture of LIFE – – for a FAMILY get-together – – just something about having  a brand new  “GRAND-SON” come for an afternoon visit- – –  there is just something extra  special about having more Family Visits – – and mote frequently – – so that “New-Born” – – is  enjoyed from day one – – and for ever – – THANKS be to our CREATOR – – for the best of best gifts!     D.V.

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