“Memories from MOTHER’s DAY”

Just have to post  PHOTOS of the  “TULIPS” that I received on “MOTHER’s DAY” – – as this is a first for me to receive   “Tulips” in a special glass that is specially made to keep them tall when they bloom – – and with the special instructions that I received from Grand-daughter, Jaime – – they will bloom and look beautiful – – instead of falling over and not lasting in their tall and beautiful position – – as they are doing.

So… I made room for the “Tulips” with some other plants that I have in the corner where the kitchen sink is – – a place where they will be seen by me at least a hundred times a day – – and by everyone else that comes to my house and would naturally come into the kitchen – – for  more that just a drink of water!

With just a little water added to a certain area of the glass container…  as I was instructed to do…  and NOW this being the third day when I photographed them – – what do you think?

Do not want to forget a special guest at  Alan’s house, where  we celebrated “MOTHER’s DAY” – – this is Mary,  Alan’ MOM and she is holding the newest addition to our family – – and  that is my  “GREAT-Grandson, Lex – – just  a little over two months of age – –  such a beautiful baby and so alert and interested in all that is going on.

This PHOTO was taken by  Grand-daughter Alyssa – – our new “MAMA” and she was happy to be able to take some PHOTOS  of her baby, Lex – – enjoying  some of the gifts that  Mary crocheted for the baby – – like the blanket that baby, Lex is wrapped up in.

When this PHOTO was to be taken… I thought that I was backing myself out of the Photo – -but all I did was expose the legs – – what kind of a whatever does that?

Just a different shot of my gift of  “TULIPS” from a  close up position – –  “boy o’ boy”  they sure  do look good – – the word beautiful will help – – maybe even magnificent – – which reminds me – – that all of  these gifts that we receive for “MOTHER’s DAY” – – are just some of the examples of what our  “Almighty Creator”  has in store for us – – when that day comes for us to enter into “HIS KINGDOM”  – – and…  am I ever ready!  Thanks be to “Almighty Yahweh”  – – for the gifts of wonderful children – Grand-children and NOW… Great Grand-child, Lex!”      D.V.

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