“Its NOT Every Day – But.. WHY NOT”

Plans for a “Bar-B-Que” – –  and be here at high “NOON” – – but “WOW” – – the RAIN  came with such high winds blowing – –  – – Who in the world will show up NOW?

Such a strong blast of  a storm – – if you were out side – – you would have been blown down the  street – – without a prayer – – just blown away!

  BUT… as fast as the storm blew – – it passed over and in good time – – the rest of the day the “SUN” was out in full glory – – the most wonderful of days for a terrific “BAR-B-Que”… if ever there was a day – – this was it!

And… who do you think stole the show – – none other than the newest addition to our FAMILY …”Grand-Son, Lex” as seen in the arms of his extra special buddy  and Love of LIFE  “Grand-Pa, Al” – – the one that can hold  and sing  with rock music that  now… I do believe that baby, LEX – – feels like a “KINGS’  Son” – – while in the arms of  “KING Al, himself!”

The SUN is shining so that you would not even know that a heavy wet storm had just  hit the area – – but look how dry and bright the SUN has cleared the rest of the day – – for  our famous “MUSIC MAN”   GENE, himself – – to make magic on the “BAR-B-Que” grill – – and make sure that we all have the best of good eats – – for the rest of the day.

   “HERE’s GENE”  and with his magic touch of  preparing and making so many Delicious  “Bar-B-Que” meals – – we all had  “seconds and seconds” while the getting was good!  While with god FRIENDS and FAMILY – – and a nice SUMMER DAY… after all is said and done – – “WOW” let’s all do it again – – everything was just so good – – just have to credit where it is due – – and to our CREATOR – – the ONE that LOVES for His children to enjoy with HIM a great FAMILY gathering with the best of FRIENDS!


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