“To My DADDY…from Alyssa”

When I ran across this “Father’s Day Card” and from little Alyssa – – some years ago – – everyone knows that if something lands in my “hands” – – it will be saved… forever!

For “Father’s DAY” this JUNE 17th, 2018 – – I am posting for “FATHERS” everywhere – – if you did not receive a card – – consider this card for YOU, too!

 When I read these words on this card  – – when I found it among lots of old mail and cards – – just thought that  these words were so nice for a FATHER to read – – and know that his child LOVES him and also thinks that these words apply to him and his children… today!


…   Left inside of card message….

and  Right inside of card…

The best part of  a card – – for whatever the occasion… is the personal message that is added  and in the sender’s own handwriting – – that really tells the story of LOVE – – better than any printed words – – even if they come from the best of the  “card companies” – –   It is the message from the HEART of the SENDER – – that is worth millions!

“And of course – – these messages and writings   are  from ME – – and as I say – – in “MY BOOK”  – – which means to the world – – if  YOU do not agree – – that  is your prerogative!”

“May the Almighty Creator that gave FATHERS and Mothers  the good children that they receive – – continue to BLESS each of HIS creations this FATHERS’ DAY – – with extra special BLESSINGS!”     D.V.

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