“Why so HOT in JULY – – TODAY and not YESTERDAY”

*****“HOT” and “NO AIR-Conditioner”*****

Since it is so… “HOT”  –  in this month of JULY… “HOW would you like to have had  to dress like the girls in the PHOTO … that follows –   because with  no “AIR- CONDITIONER”  –  you feel that  taking a dip in the LAKE –  just – maybe you will feel cooler?”

img020Only a hundred years ago… you are in the mood to get “cool” – with a swim in the near-by LAKE –  you would have to first put your “most fancy  of  SWIM-SUITS” on!  In the early 1900’s – – you may not remember … since you did not have to LIVE in those days – – but your daily dress attire would include, a very long dark color dress, with long sleeves and a high collar. Under this dress would be a  corset and  pantaloons  or drawers – knickers of the most baggy of size that would button or maybe you would have to gather around the waist  – and then  tie around the waist as tight as you want  – then maybe two petticoats with at least six yards of material – and a couple of matching petticoats – depending on the weather.

Well…  with all of those clothes on your body…  it is   surprising   that more women did not just pass out –  due to the HEAT. So if and when ready  to take a   “SWIM to COOL”  off –   a young lady would take off  all of the above listed clothing  –  and then put on that “fancy swim-suit”  – – as the girls in the above photo have on. Is there much of a difference –  I think – that the above  “SWIM-SUIT”  would almost cause –  a young lady to sink and drown.

When you have a situation of too much  “hot weather” –  no wonder that finally   someone –  decided he had  – had  enough and invented –   something to “COOL the AIR” –  wonder if anyone has ever given   a  BIG  THANKS – for  which that person  did to have  made our SUMMERS just a bit more livable – so   that  we are  no longer too  HOT –  it is just a bit  easier  for  all of us  “senior”  citizens to make it through the HOT  days of JULY!

“When it gets just too “HOT” feel free to cool yourself  – with that new invention  called the “Air-Conditioner” or with the new style of  “Bathing attire”   in the year  of 2018!”

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