“BIG Teddy and ME are BEST BUDDIES”

  When you are my age – –  “I am NOW up to my  5th month on Planet Earth”  – – and  I am at that age when you have to choose good FRIENDS – – just as soon as you can!  So… when “BIG TEDDY”  came to rest in my big bed – – I just knew in one second – – this is going to be my favorite BIG FRIEND, forever!

SO… and a BIG – “WOW” – – “This is my little Teddy Bear – – and no one takes him away when I fall asleep – – he is my FRIEND” *** *******

As you can see, I have my arms stretched out and “TEDDY” likes for me to be able to protect him,  by  being  as close as I can be – – because,  as he told me that maybe someone was  saying something about putting him, “big TEDDY” – – in the other room – – and “TEDDY” was beginning to get scared… to be without me to protect him!

“WOW” “TEDDY – – don’t worry – – NO ONE is taking – YOU – – – YOU are my best FRIEND” *** *******

So… RIGHT NOW… I am on GUARD DUTY!  I do not care if  I have to stay awake all night – – “NO ONE” will  get a chance to take my “BEST FRIEND, TEDDY!”   “When you have a big  – kind –  really soft  and cuddly,  soft and snuggly plump “FRIEND” like my “little”  ole “TEDDY” – – you each look out for each other – – and that is just exactly…  what I  will be doing…to be on  FULL WATCH GUARD DUTY… tonight!”

“WOW” – – “Every one has a “B&O” … TEDDY – – and YOU are my,  “BEST and ONLY,”  TEDDY” *** *******

“TEDDY”, I am holding on to your “Good Luck Irish Green  Neck-tie” – – so that even if I fall asleep – – I will  feel and know if anyone is trying to pull you away from me – – as I have a very firm grip and if anything seems to be moving in our bed – – tonight – I will use my new muscles  to “box” therm right in the eye!

It is good for everyone to know that I am NOW up to the “fifth” (5th) month  in this LIFE Time thing – – and I feel so good that  I have my very own – – and one of the  best of  best FRIENDS – – right next to me  – – day and night – – just at all times!

Just wanted to let “Great Grandma Ellen, know that her  “Mom” was the  one that put that  little “tid-bit” of  “B&O” in my ear  – – as I was leaving the “Heavenly Realm”  for here – – she said to use that sometime and see if she remembers – – that she was always called… her little “B&O” – – just a little ‘shorthand’  in words – –  – – something about sharing the LOVE – – that one must share with  the FAMILY – – as sometimes  “people on EARTH forget to share LOVE… one for another” – – and that I must be the one to remind them – – that it is  “LOVE” that turns the EARTH around… each day – – for bigger BLESSINGS – – from our CREATOR!     D.V.

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  • mary crangle says:

    So handsome, I knew who this was before reading the text! Lex is sure a happy baby boy…so happy for the new parents who are doing a great job introducing their baby to the world…a beautiful place…great pics!!!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Thanks for joining me in the compliment of baby LEX, – – Lex on that first PHOTO (above) almost looks like a LIVE ‘doll’ – – in front of big “TEDDY” – – I just LOVE PHOTOS that have a million words for me to put some on paper.

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