“This is a BLUE RIBBON WINNER Photo”

This is by far… the best PHOTO – – that I have seen in a long time – – and I know what a long time is!”

There is just something  extra “special” about this smiling face of  our “Baby LEX” – it looks like he is saying something  very important – – and with that  grin  and the twinkle in his eyes – he knows that he has  all of  our attention – – and that, no matter what he wants – – or is asking – – he already knows – – we will not  be turning  him down! 

With  this body language – –  he could sell to  “me”  the “Brooklyn Bridge”  – – and know,  that no matter what he was selling it for – – just his looks  alone … has me  sold – – and I would give him any amount that he would be wanting – – and,  I have no use for that “Brooklyn Bridge” – – but with that special look – I am buying what ever “LEX” is selling!

This is one  “PHOTO”  that I am saving and forever – – here and in my   ‘memory bank’ – – that I will be taking with me to the next Heavenly Realm — – when and where ever – – as this PHOTO will open lots of “doors” for who ever is carrying it  – – It just has that  extra special “MAGIC  SPELL”  coming across – – and I am Thanking our CREATOR – – for sending little “LEX”  to our FAMILY and to me!     D.V.

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