“We do have a KING and Queen”

Something for the “scrap-book” – – a memory that will last forever and  a memory that is so good – – all the fun and fame for that day – – this is what LIFE is all about – -“Good Time Memories” and a very happy family!

         “A KING and QUEEN – Forever!”


At this time of year – your child could be a “KING and or QUEEN”  – it’s never too late – when the Community  that you live in  – has a “Festival” –  take  your children.  You never know –  there may not be too many children competing – all they have to do  –  is to be there!

When the child is older and sees the photos  of when they were picked  – for  the  – 1st  place  –  or as in this case –  selected for KING and QUEEN – your child will know that –  you were always thinking that  your child was  always a KING and QUEEN  – for the day!  Your family just went for “FUN”  – but –  in addition  – you received your  -15- minutes of fame –  – and maybe that will be  the beginning of more  -15- minutes of success  – all through your life?

I just “LOVE” this   old  Newspaper clipping – of children – getting attention – “they do not know what for”   – but that they just might be in the right place at the right  time?

“What do you think?”


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  • Mary Crangle says:

    I remember this day well! Both Billy and Alan were contestants, and who knew Bill would be crowned King for the day! King William!!! Loved this!

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