“Party…Party…Where are the latest PARTY PHOTOS”

“Have a PARTY and expect PHOTOS…immediately, if not sooner – – just like to say  ‘that’   that way – – sounds so nice and silly!” Wearing my favorite color, “blue”       dress – – so could be for “September”  and that would be for ME!

Those wrapped gifts look just like the  gifts that I opened earlier  – –  starting to wonder if this PHOTO was for someone else, at this table – – could it just be a ‘dream’  from the past, or is this just in anticipation of waiting for today’s’  Photos – –  just can not wait to see how they turned out!

“Now that “TIME” is going bye so fast – – why  does “TIME”  NOW, seem to be going so slow when   “Party PHOTOS” are out there in space – – trying to get here to ME!     D.V.

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