November “Birthdays”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the WOMEN with a NOVEMBER BIRTHDAY” – –  “That is that I know of.”

Just dawn on me,  to wish a  “Very Happy Birthday” to those  that I know of and having  a  “Birthday” this month, November! When you get to be my age,  you are allowed to forget  half of what I thought that I knew  –  and  that which remains, well – I can not be too sure of – any more? What I  just said  is,  that  I am sure that all of your Birthdays are in  November, but the dates  –  I can no longer remember  what date goes with  each of the four (4) Birthday Girls?

“Sister Margaret Mary” –  you were my 7th and 8th grade teacher,   and we did keep  in touch over the years and  you did visit  my home, in Fenton, had dinner with my FAMILY  and  insisted on helping to do the dishes –  even to rolling up your cuffs –  you were  so insistent  –   so  that, is what we did together –  and following  dinner and dessert –  you gave us a real treat –  you  gave to me  and my FAMILY, a memory that I will never forget,  YOU  sat at  the Lowery Console  Organ –  while we all took seats  in the Living room to listen to you play  “Irish” music,  that my MOTHER gave to me so many years,  while listening –  just  thought I was in Heaven!

(In the above PHOTO,  “Sister Margaret Mary”  is the  “NUN”  standing next to the tallest man on her right –  and they are on the  ‘left side’  of the above  picture –  the story for this picture is else where on ( “”).

NEXT BIRTHDAY GIRL  is “Judy McClarren”, my brother  Denny’s wife and  for several years was  taking good care of  Denny, which required a whole lot  of time! I am so glad you are able to keep me  in the loop,  with photos and  updates!     (Since this was previously posted… DENNY  has passed away two years ago.)

“In this PHOTO,   “JUDY McClarren”  is  on  the right and  her husband, DENNY,  and our  “Aunt Irene Brady Riley” on the left of the above  PHOTO.”

Next “BIRTHDAY Girl, “Rose McClarren”  wife of  my little brother,  Tom, aka  Mr. Wonderful, and  everyone is always happy to see such an “out-going” couple –  always ready to


share “HAPPY  TIMES”   –  of all of your “Gardening  Activities”  that of  you both, on  “TV” and in the “Newspaper”!  You are both doing a fine job with the flowers, that   you  both provide and care for in your community!  


NEXT BIRTHDAY GIRL,  “Char Bay”  an extra special Grandma!   Having a “BIRTHDAY “in NOVEMBER  –  puts everyone in the mood to do it up right –  or should I say “First Class” and is also the  Mother of  “Jill Rampala” –  providing us  “Grandmas” with two beautiful “Grand-Daughters”  – “Alyssa and Jaime” -just so terrific!

In this  “Five Generation” Photo  is from left, Jill and then  Great-GREAT GRANDMA Phyllis,  holding newest generation, Lex,  and the  new Mama, Alyssa, and our Birthday Girl for November, Char.


Almighty Yahweh,   has  truly blessed me   with these   wonderful    November   – Birthday     –  People!    I am asking    “Our Creator, and  Giver   of all  NEW LIFE”    –  that is so good and perfect  to continue to  Bless each and everyone of  us  – abundantly from His generous bounty. “Thanks be to  Yahweh!”        D.V.

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