“I am your One and ONLY, “Sophisticated” CAT”

“Message from your FAVORITE PROTECTOR”

“During the HOLIDAYS… Will,  I your very favorite  and most precious –  of   all of the indoor animals… be forgotten?”


“Is, anyone paying  any attention –  to me?”  “Is there anyone  at all, paying any attention – at all to Me?” “Meow- Meow”

“Do I have to stand on my head, or  maybe  have to do some other drastic type of  a “DANCE” around here,  just to get someone’s   attention?”  “That is,   if someone  with ears up there can hear and see  “ME”  –  can any one, with ears to hear —  hear  “ME”  look down here,  do not keep pretending , that you can not see  “ME” –  and that you  standing “UP THERE”   – any ole FRIEND to the  “cat family”  – “ME” –  I am standing down  here and I  have my  “BIB”   on –  and  – am “ALL”   ready   for some good  “Eats”  –  if only  someone, who is  highly  important – will just give to  this little ole  “ME”  –  the “Time of DAY”    way down here!”   

“I only  am the most “Sophisticated CAT” in this neighborhood  and  I personally take  special care that your home is free from all those  hungry   mice –  I, alone  –  am the protector of this  “house-hold”    –  I  can see and hear everything  that you are doing –  and I know that you are getting ready for   the  big “HOLIDAY FEASTS”–  so –   if  there are a few  special pieces of that  “OLE BIRD”  – that you feel that you will not eat, NOW –  well, look down here –  here I am,  patiently waiting for a little sample or two or  even  more, “THANK YOU”  –  from the bottom of my  very big  HEART!”

“Remember, that  this  is  your  one and only – extra   BRAVE      “CAT” –  that  protects you  and the whole  FAMILY – from all  of those little ole pest -eee –   mices or mouses ??”      D.V.

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