“We Remember more FAMILY on Veteran’s Day”

That is a pretty ‘serious look’ on “TOMMY’s” face –  guessing that their cold weather … over there … in  “Korea”  is colder than our cold weather here…  in the “STATES’ –  right??… Or Wrong?

“Thomas H. ALDRICH, himself”


First the above photo is Thomas H. Aldrich with his War Dog “Shane” – serving in Korea 1964-1965  – – Dog Platoon – – K-9 Corp  – Tom always had a dog at home – before and after being in the service. His passion was having “German Shepherds”  training them for his own home and for those who wanted a well trained dog – a dog that would  be  a family member – to protect you and guard your home. His training of a dog was  superb – in that you could talk to your dog and the dog talked with you – in other words –  instinctively – you each knew what and where  and how to get a job done.


This  next photo is of   –  Al E. Aldrich, brother to my husband, Lee G. Aldrich, Sr. – and uncle to my sons, Lee, Jr. and Al Aldrich. The  photo must have been intended for a girl-friend – Al has a date of July 8th, 1944 – Italy and also he has written: “To My Sweetheart”    —   “Al” – also,  there is some other writing on the back of the photo – but this photo was pasted with glue on to a black page of a photo-album  – and was carefully sliced out – and some of the writing can no longer be made out – so I guess we just do not need to know what was there – I feel so “LUCKY” just to have this remembrance of my brother-in-law.

You can tell that some bending of the photo and damage  was done by someone – sometime ago –  no one knows what happens to all their stuff when they move  or leave behind all their earthly possessions for the next generation  —   Al and his brother Lee, my husband  have already gone on to a much better place – but they are  both really missed by us who  are sure to follow soon, enough?

United  – we ask the Almighty Yahweh to bless  all of our MEN in all the Armed Forces  and  we  give Thanks – that the Almighty has thought to give  to us the “extra  special help”  we need –  – by providing us with some of HIS most talented   “Animals” that will  help our  Service MEN and Women  “Save LIVES!”  We are Grateful and Thankful for YOUR protection  to each and every serviceman  and the  extra special “animals” that will be a work mate   that  with and  in the care and  training  of our  Service Men and Women  will  be doing  a terrific job  protecting  America!     AMEN     D.V.

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