“Getting Ready for Next THURSDAY”

 “Let me be the first to wish you, Happy Thanksgiving!”

T-Day 001

“Is this Turkey  ‘large’  enough?” Al Aldrich brings  “HOME” the biggest  Turkey for the family celebration! 

The stores are very busy  – right  NOW – everyone is trying to get the best and biggest “TURKEY” – and so many do not really know what they are looking for – as this “Thanksgiving DATE” is celebrated only once a year. 

People that have never been in charge of all of the necessary preparations – walk around in the stores like “Zombies” – just have no idea what to look for – what to buy – no idea how many are coming to their house for the big meal – and, I’ll bet that they even  forgot to find out,   about what some guests can eat and  or can not eat – and what some may like – and would  be willing to bring to the “DINNER” table – a favorite  and extra special dish – and  or maybe a NEW Dessert!

Everyone  is expecting the biggest of  “Turkeys” on the table and most would like “Pumpkin Pie” and of course the “Cranberry” in a sauce or relish or some of the newer ways to  be prepared  – but a for sure must,  “Mashed potatoes and “GOOD” gravy”  – as no matter what else there is – everyone has  always remember from their earliest of days on this Earth – they were offered “Mashed Potatoes and Gravy”  and it is the  ‘memories’  – that make this a  most necessary part of any terrific meal!

“Everyone likes to see that “TURKEY” all nicely baked and on that special “Turkey  Platter”  just sitting on the Dining room  table  – so that in seeing and smelling – the juices are  all ready to put a nice fork-full into the month – and just start to remember all of those “good-old-days” when the FAMILY first prepared this best of all meals – to be enjoyed by FAMILY and FRIENDS – – and just being able to go back for seconds and thirds – as the more you receive – – the more there is to remember – forever!

Just have to start this “Holiday WEEKEND” with something very good  to see – and start remembering – exactly what I need to do – get that pad and pencil working on the list of guests  – who likes what the most –  – and just start getting all  of the pots and pans  – and the whole ‘nine yards of stuff’   – out and ready – just have to do this up right – as we all LOVE Memories,  with  lots of nice  “Thank Yous” – – with a little voice saying – – “Let’s all do this up the  same way – next year!”

“We wish all of our Family and  Friends  – near and far,  a very  blessed  and joyful  time  in this year’s  celebration  with more  memories  to make this  a  FUN and Happy Thanksgiving time!

“Thanks be to the All Mighty Yahweh – the one and only that gives us the best of Family and Friends – to be able to celebrate   with and then   end  the celebrating  giving THANKS –  for all of  our many BLESSINGS!”       D.V.

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