“This is the MONTH to start Remembering”

As I remember – this month  of DECEMBER is a very difficult month for people – not only the end of this year 2018 – but,  as each year ends – also thoughts of what was not done and what should have been done – the “head” aches with memories,  that are sometimes too hard to forget – and for some older folk – this is also just too lonely  – as there are too few in the FAMILY to take the time to remember some of their old relatives – which we now see more notices in the  “Obituary Column” – and  in large cities and larger newspapers, obituaries are written only for people considered significant.

So, in my looking up something else, these words came to mind – “Till We Meet Again” – words in a song,  that I have not heard  – for years – but,  just had to pull up  – now,  have to share with my readers – that just might  like,  some of what I find to write about.



After listening to the above music and reading the words along  with “Connie Francis” doing the singing – that  – that there were some words  in this song that I have not picked up on  – in any other song – and  these words are highly important – today and everyday, when you stop to think about words.

The words that I like,  are like a PRAYER – and for sure TODAY – we all need lots of  PRAYERS  –  for our selves and for all of our Family and Friends –  there is no “WAR”  like  that of  “WWII” going on, as when this song was very popular –  and with so many of our young  men and women signed up in each of he branches of  SERVICE to protect AMERICA – that all of   the “Bus Stations and Train Stations”  had twenty-four hour service going on. Family and  Friends  always meeting,  and then taking their LOVE ONES to travel on  – Life was on a fast track – and everyone worried – that –  they may never ever see nor  hear from those that they LOVE.

***So… Wait and  Pray  each night  for ME…                                                   Till  –  we meet again!***

If that does not sound like a PRAYER – I’ll eat my hat – – but, in the 1940’s,  when you have a  “WAR” going on – and everyone in America – is doing their part to help WIN this WAR  – I’m betting that more people of America,  said mote PRAYERS – than at any other time in history.

And,  just to update  HISTORY –  that surprise  “HIT” on AMERICA  on  “9-11” – as I remember – there were more people  PRAYING –  and so much so – that I would have thought,  that we had finally come to our senses –  and would  have continue to keep in touch with our CREATOR – the one and only one , that  can help us in those  kind of stressful times,  as no other could or will ever be able to do so – – but,  just as soon as most people were feeling better –  and things were getting back to the normal state for most – PRAYER had just dropped off –  just as if it was never ever needed.

So, I feel that we should all remember to say a PRAYER for all those  in our FAMILY and our FRIENDS,  that we have today – and for the FRIENDS we will be making as the months start to roll on by –  because,  to be a “GOOD FRIEND” to our “CREATOR” – He just LOVES to hear from us – daily – several times a day – and or as often as is possible – because we are all in need of  “HELP” from above!

***So… Wait and  Pray  each night  for ME…                                                       Till  –  we meet again!***

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