“Have You Started Putting up the Christmas Tree”

Just have to give everyone with a “CAT” in the  “HOUSE” – – a heads’ up  – when it come to putting up the  “TREE” – since your “CAT” has “property” rights first and foremost!

Be  sure that the space for the tree is large enough – since the “CAT” knows the floor plan – and will be inspecting each and every area – that you think,  that you should   and or want to put something new and different – even though it is  and  only for the “Christmas Holidays” – and, just a few days’ after NEW YEAR! 

            “Sunset Cat Ancestor”

Sunset Cat Ancestor 001

The Sunset Cat that visits me – looks just like this cat we had in the 1970’s. Our cat just put herself into  the center of the “CRIB” setup, that  we had under our tree. Could the “SUNSET CAT” be a relative?

In the PHOTO above – we had a nice and comfortable living room chair – one that our “CAT” took ownership of,  and in preparing for putting up the “Christmas” tree in front of the living room window – the “chair” was moved to another part of the room. All was going so nicely – moving furniture here and there and the “Christmas Music playing and our singing – and just having FUN – was more than our “CAT” could take. She must have thought, “Where in the world – do you think that you “humans” are going to put me?”

So when all was said and done – the “TREE” all finished and presents wrapped and surrounding the “TREE” and and every space filled with new stuff – the “CAT” just had to plant herself  in the approximate spot – that her favorite chair would be – and that was right there – – where our little crib was – and since it looked like a nice little “HOME” for someone – “MISS CAT”  herself – thought that, she would move right on in!

Just “LUCKY” someone had the camera ready and snapped a PHOTO   – and  a memory, made –  that will last forever . Our “Pets” that live indoors,  take part of all of the activities  – that we are preparing for – and sometimes they just have to be included – in a way, that they will always know, that they are LOVED and always wanted right where they are – they are not losing their HOME – they are just sharing in all of our LOVE and FUN activities – and want them to LOVE  all – that which  we are all doing, together!

The more that I take a look at this old PHOTO – it almost seems,  that little ole “Miss Kitty” is  as a “statute” just standing so still,  there in place – just as if she belongs there with all of the other statues and ornaments that we are placing in various places – to be there – and not to  move – until it is time  – for us to take all  of  the different things down and apart – wrapping each item back in its special paper and box  – for another year to come  – securely put down  stairs and put  safely in certain boxes  all marked for “CHRISTMAS” all awaiting for another  and another year to come – and do it all over agin! – – D.V.

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