“From – this to that – TIME – HAPPY BIRTHDAY- LEE”

“From being just a little “TYKE” to a natural born “SEAMAN” in  AMERICA’s best NAVY – traveling around the world  – and loving every minute  of everything you are doing –  – take TIME to enjoy your BIRTHDAY – TODAY!

 These were the days,  that you had so much FUN swimming and enjoying each bright sunny day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

   This is the best smile – when you came HOME for the HOLIDAY LEAVE – that each man in the SERVICE for AMERICA – just loves – that special TIME,  to be HOME with all the FAMILY – with all of your favorite  foods and  things to do – since it is HOLIDAY TIME and also your “BIRTHDAY” – what a great combination to have, the   best of LIFE’s DREAMS  – and a very young and good looking man in the NAVY! – So, I am calling you, “Mr. Lucky” – himself – and all wrapped up in one!

  Just had to bake the  biggest and sweetest of “BIRTHDAY CAKES” – and knowing that we will all be dancing around the dining room – with the  biggest and best of cakes – with enough “candles” that will make it look like a big “Fire-Cracker” ready to take off , and  then, ready to land  into outer  “SPACE”  –  just to let the whole wide world know that “TODAY”  is “LEE ALDRICH  – BIG – BIRTHDAY DAY ” and everyone is invited to help celebrate with us,  all!

May our Almighty Creator,  send to you,  “LEE” all of  HIS best of best  BLESSINGS – today and for ever more!   D.V. 

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