“Small – getting bigger -I’m in School NOW”

“We all start out – in the “small size”  department – and,  it is a real “WONDER”  in those first months of  LIFE –  that every day, we are learning all kinds of new stuff – all of which – will be needed in the future!”

I just LOVE this  old  PHOTO of baby, LEE – it is written, in his face – such  “amazement” – he had this box in his hands – and,  just so fast – it disappeared – landing on the floor,   giving him  this  empty box to play with – I knew that sooner or later it would land on the floor –  and no harm  would be done – nothing that could break – and  the only one getting the exercise of picking it up – was me – and,  NOW  I wonder if  little “LEE”  knew,  that this was was more work for me – but soon –  we would   be taking a walk outside in the “Sunshine” and that,  is the best part of the Day’s FUN!

Next is baby, LEE  getting “BIGGER, and Older”  – now going on “THREE”  and  – just for the “FUN” of it  – Lee would blow the candles out – and then wait for me to re-light – so we could all sing and,  he could “BLOW”  again and again,  – so that he could make a  whole  lot of good wishes,  for everything – and  to just having more  FUN!

This is hat time of the year – “Christmas TIME” and we always had to have Lee’s Birthday  completely celebrated and over, before we would start the “Christmas Celebration”  – so  as  – not to mix and or combine – – as some children miss their own Birthdays  – when they are too  close to the Christmas  Celebration.

This PHOTO is one that was taken at the “South County Famous Barr Store” and “LEE” could be in the First or Second Grade – as there were lots of things happening in those first years that we were now living in Saint Louis – after having been in Florida – prior to our move back here.

I just LOVE this PHOTO of  “LEE”  as he could almost pass for the twin brother, of  “Bernard Riley”  the son of my Aunt Irene and  Uncle Wm.B. Riley. There is a very old PHOTO,  that you can find of little “Bernie”  – he was not suppose to be in that PHOTO – but, sometimes,  things happen for a reason – and that reason was for me,  to see the resemblance of our families and ancestors – and,  this is where I have found  – that the Almighty will let us see – some things,  that are – and were – and just as a special Blessing – can be found  – If we but take the time to LOOK!

It is wonderful,  to look and find – to understand some of the mysteries of our LIFE – here on EARTH – and to give THANKS – for the many BLESSINGS we receive – while keeping our eyes open -just to  receive and  then, believe!

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