“Remembering Lee Aldrich and his brothers”

“This is a memory of Lee, my husband – when we came to Missouri for our vacation a long time ago   – but has Lee’s brothers – and NOW they are all together and in HEAVEN – doing the same thing – enjoying being together!


           “PICNIC TIME in MISSOURI”

The weather – –  right NOW in Missouri – – is just  HOT enough – – so that everyone who wants  to have a good TIME – – will pack a lunch and cold beverage trunk  – –  all the best of  meat and vegetables   to Bar-b-Que  – eat in the shade of the trees – – and every so often – – take a running leap into the Lake – –  and just have lots of FUN!


The men in the ALDRICH  FAMILY are doing the unloading of all of the cars – putting food and  drinks into the area  – – for the right person to take care of…  on the left and with a cap on his head…  is Ralph Stanley – – the man with the very  good tan…. since he has the Aldrich Roofing  business – – is owner  Harry Aldrich – – and the man on the right is Lee Aldrich Sr.,  – – now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – – and spending a month in Saint Louis to visit with all the FAMILY.

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