“Happy Birthday Al and Alyssa – Dad and Daughter”



Sure  HAPPY to see   “HAPPY FACES’ on some of my very favorite people –  and that we are  now  and,  all of us,   will always  be as  “HAPPY”  to be celebrating with  a good  getting together – even when,  it is not our “BIRTHDAYS” – as,  all of the rest of the FAMILY   would  –  just LOVE to join in,  on the being  extra “HAPPY” – too!

“You did see  “LITTLE ALYSSA”  sitting at this very same office desk  – and even as the years go by,   “LITTLE ALYSSA”  is just a little  bit older here –  but,  as you can see – “ALYSSA”   does keep a tidy and clean desk –  and has her paper and pencils handy and  ready  for questions,   from  the customers  calling on the Telephone –  and,  or just as   more customers and Pilots,  will walk in those doors –  with lots of questions –  and or,  wanting some  special information – that she is always so good and helpful with  –   always giving  lots of  extra friendly  help.”

“With each and every “BIRTHDAY”  – it seems best, to continue with the   “POWER”  of “Prayer that our Almighty Creator”  give HIS extra special   BLESSINGS  to those that I LOVE,  and  to those that want for me to always remember their needs, too  – and for me to ask the one and only  Elohim,  for the extra BLESSINGS we all  need  and will receive – if we but only, will take the time to ask HIM!”         D.V.

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