“Birthday Wishes for the BEST BIRTHDAY People I KNOW”

“There are BIRTHDAY BABIES… and then there are BABIES… WOW”

Everything on this EARTH – – has a beginning – – a first start – – or a first step – – a procedure  – – maybe we should say – – if you start with this – – and then follow through with that which  – – well  – – let’s say we did jump through all the “HOOPS” – – and then  – – we received a “WHOOPS?”

Let me introduce  “Big  DADDY O”  now called  “KING AL” – – due to the fact he is NOW a published author of  the  book,  “KING AL” – – and it is based on facts – – with a story everyone just loves – – so much information – – but the little  “baby in this PHOTO”  – – flying though the air  in the arms of  his DADDY, Lee Aldrich – – while we were living in Florida – – received the inspiration  to…  FLY!

This is the PHOTO of  “BABY AL”  with  “big brother LEE Jr.,” – – that took first place in the hearts of all the FAMILY. Sent … this PHOTO to our  “Aunt Irene Riley”  – – and she had it blown  up – – and passed on to everyone – – thought this PHOTO – – was  “TOP of the HEAP” – – just to look at it and think – – what were the thoughts of  “Big LEE” – – and … “baby AL”  – – holding his hear – – so at tentatively – – to hear  all that “BIG BROTHER” had to say.

This next PHOTO of baby “ALYSSA” – – which is  “FIRST” daughter  of  “Big Al” – – made arrangements while they were  still babies in HEAVEN – – – – way before there was ever a twinkling in the eyes of their “PARENTS to be”  to be in the same  “ALDRICH  FAMILY”  – – and most importantly – – to be born on the same date – – –  years a part – –  of course… but on the very same day… “JANUARY the 9th.”    Now is that some doing – –  or what would you call it – –  when some  “babies  in the  – –  to be born POOL” – –  have their eyes on WHO and WHERE and WHY this particular FAMILY – – would be  in the place  where they would  need to be???  – –   Is that a  “MYSTERY” or what – – and that is why every “BABY ” to be born – – must be given the chance – –  with  all the LOVE – – to do well here  – – with all the rest of the Almighty’s Creatures. 

 ONLY…  the biggest and best smile – – showing all of us the LOVE  – – that she has to share with all of us…  “LUCKY”   members in the FAMILY!

Every “AIR PORT” – – needs  a highly and enthusiastic “Receptionist” like you see in this PHOTO – – this is our very own and most talented “ALYSSA… herself”  ready at the   front desk – – to receive all “PILOTS and GUEST” with a  very  big smile  – – and all  of the most important information – – that only an insider like  “her-self”  can take care of with many  big smiles. 

The feet up and on the “DESK” – –  tells you…  “I am FAMILY”  – – any one else in such a position – – would be thrown out those lobby doors  – – landing on their nose  – – and just maybe… face to face…  with an  in coming  AIR PLANE!

“May the Almighty Bless and PROTECT our children – –  today and always – – that they are where  and doing – – exactly – –   that which was pre-ordained  and  as written in Psalms 139.”   D.V.

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