“The SNOW falls hard at Sunset Park, but the KIDS play harder!”


Some ONE – Did Ask and RECEIVED – Plenty of SNOW”

“Can you believe,  so much  “SNOW” – and to be out,  and  in it –  while it is still coming down – by the buckets full – it is not too cold for the children to  be out there – with all of their “Sleighs”  and  “Toboggans” and whatever new items that are made – just for going down the hill – and having the best of  “FUN”  ever – with all of their friends and even some “Moms and Dads”  – watching over  the situation  – just all making a memory that they will never ever forget!

“These children are having so much FUN – they do not,  even know that we are taking this PHOTO from our back porch!”

Just take a look at the size of the “Snow Flakes” –  It could be that  someone in HEAVEN  – forgot to turn off the  “Snow” making machine – and that with an over load up there – they just happen to remember that down in the “Sunset PARK” area – they have not had enough good SNOW to really enjoy – a good ole FUN FAMILY day in that PARK, for a long time.

The best part of this  “SNOW DAY” –  that is if you took the time to go out side – the “WEATHER” was so nice and warm only 31 degrees – not a real cold, wet freezing  day – – one that no one would want to be caught out in – and end up suffering.

  If, this were a clear day – you would be able to see the “Missouri River” –  but when you stop to think about  “TIME and DAYS”  that we each receive  – It is wonderful that,   each and everyday is not exactly like the day before. With the surprise of  “SNOW”  for  the young ones to enjoy and make memories – of these good times,  while being young – keeps all of us thinking about the “7th HEAVEN”   –  that is, “FOOD”   for thought,  that  which you  have enjoyed today – can you imagine – just how much better,  the wonderful times will be for all of us, and that is   for all of  Eternity in HEAVEN with our CREATOR – – You know,  when I think of it – “CARPENTERS” are so “creative” – they can make so many different kinds of things – those  wonderful kind  of things that,   will bring  enjoyment to and for all of us – all the TIME!     D.V.

P.S. Just hope you know which “Carpenter”  that, I was referring to.”


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