“Enjoy the Marshmallow World – TODAY”

“Just sit back and enjoy,  a very special gift,  TODAY – just relax while enjoying!”

“While “DEAN” is singing this song – YOU will see a few scenes – that look just like,  those that I posted for yesterday.”  “The only thing that we  have going on here in  “MISSOURI”  – is  just some more “SNOW” – and would  you believe – that the children and their parents,  must have had,  so much  “FUN”  here yesterday –  that  – they are right back here – on top of the hill at  “Sunset PARK” –  because we are expecting  more   and  “IT”  is coming down –  right NOW – and,  according to the “WEATHER MAN”  we are to receive another couple of inches of the WHITE stuff – called SNOW!”


“This is only a guess  on my part  – but, I do believe, that in order to have FUN  in the SNOW – IT must be snowing and coming down hard and thick – so that you can really feel it  – hitting you right in the FACE – since every part of the body is so well covered,  and with good insulated clothes and boots –  – those little hits,  of SNOW, just tickle you – so much so – that you just have to stay out and on top of the hill,  as  long as you are allowed – as the  “PARENTS”  that are doing the driving – will  always have the last word – on just how much “FUN” we are  all allowed in  this,  one day of playing in the SNOW!”

From where I am  sitting and typing, I can see all of the hill side, down to the  “MISSOURI  RIVER” – and just everything is covered with plenty of  “SNOW” – all of the trees just look like someone stuck    some old  dried up  and dead “tree”  sticks here and there – a few green “FIR  and or Ceder” trees and  or  related types – with each carrying as much “SNOW” as the limbs can safely carry – before falling over – just the best of times for a view of wonder – that only happens at this special time of the year!

“Isn’t it wonderful – all of this beauty,  that our CREATOR  gives to us – and all for  our enjoyment – if we will only take the time to enjoy – while we are here!”    D.V.

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