“Denny H. McClarren – BIRTHDAY”

Everybody has some special things that if and when they hear and or see – the memories of some extra special people start to come to mind!

Always and I have to say again, always, my Dad would have a cigarette  between his lips – and that is even while he would be cooking – and something that,  I could never figure out – “How could he continue to breath – with that smell of smoke right there in his face – and the long “ash” just continues to hang on – with out falling into the food, that  he was preparing?”


and… another of the songs’  – that we would  play on the jukebox – when he would give to us kids,  a couple of nickels to pick out to  play music records with – would be this song…

…and just one more… an old memory of the movie,  “Any Number Can Play” – “Clark Gable”  – born the same week as my DAD and in the same neighborhood –  they always looked so much alike – especially with that cigarette,  in the mouth and seem to always be smoking!

This profile of “Clark Gable” reminds me of my DAD more so,  than any of the photos that I have – the 1940’s were the years when they could have passed for twins – but,  as LIFE has it – we each go on to that path in LIFE – something  maybe,  for the good and and much     better times – and in most cases – the too much of this,  and too much of that – turns even the best shaped bodies,   into a plain old worn out  and not too good of a shape,  leaving nothing much worthwhile,    for that really  – long life.

“Happy Birthday to DADDY”

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