“Great-Grand-Son,Lex is Eleven Months”

Is the “TIME” going by, too fast, in the whole wide world – or just here for me? It seems – that just yesterday,  I knew that our little Great Grand-child was  due to be arriving any day – and NOW – it is that same feeling, when you see his latest PHOTOS,  “Little LEX” standing on his own two feet – and showing everyone, that he has “teeth” in his mouth – just like everyone else!

BUT, this first PHOTO takes the “Cheese-cake” – as I see it – – “Little LEX”  is pointing his  little fingers  toward his “MOMMY” and is looking at “DADDY” taking this  PHOTO with  eyes and face expression saying to “DADDY” – “Isn’t our “MOMMY” most beautiful?” “I LOVE MOMMY so much!”

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Everybody – Just look at my “MOM” – she is so beautiful” l” xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Grand-ma – do you see how many teeth – I have – look – right where I have my hand” xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Look at me – I’m growing like a weed” xoxo


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