“Happy Birthday to you…

   Happy Birthday to you…….

       Happy Birthday Dear  Little LEX ………

Happy Birthday to you – and many more!

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“If I say so, myself – the best of best gifts,  for young children are good BOOKS!”

“To get a good education – one does have to HELP one’s self – and the best way,  for that to happen – for one –  is to make a very  wise selection,  in all  of the reading material, including books –  as  everything,  that we will  need to know, and – also,  to know about –  will start  with a  study   program – one that will  inspire and take you everywhere, which  ends up in  taking our “reader” to the top of his DREAMS!”

  • “Dreams lead to the  construction of  “IDEAS” –  and the best of  “IDEAS”  – to the best of our  “MEMORIES” –  and  that is  for a LIFE TIME!”
  • “Memories are made of this!”       D.V.

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  • Mary Elizabeth Bridget Crangle says:

    I remember the hard cover book you gave to your first grandson! Nursery Rhymes are so easily read to little ones!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Thanks for the memory of my first GRAND Child – and to know, that someone agrees that good books for babies are so wonderful – to get the best of starts in their new LIFE.

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