“Happy Birthday… Violet Lessor”

“Remembering a Good Friend on her BIRTHDAY”


“Happy Birthday… Violet Lessor…. and many MORE…”


Violet is the lady on the left  – and a good friend of the Aldrich Family, Lee, Al, Jill, Alyssa and Jaime – and you know who is in the middle, ME!

This picture was taken, as we  were leaving Church  –  as there is a bulletin board on the wall in the foyer or entrance area – and just so you,   and or visitors can get to know, WHO or  what some of the people look like and their names  – you will find photos,  as well as the above photo  “ours” on display  – that makes it easier for you, the VISITOR,  to have the name of the person or family that you would want to  meet and talk with   – makes for an easy introduction  –  while all the members meet and usually enjoy a breakfast  and or lurch – depending on the times and what is going on.

This was a “very friendly” Church  – with members taking part in  many of the different programs,  and or teachings,  which were  made available in the evening hours.  Always, lots of activities to keep you active in the Church – and,  I knew,  that this was not “Violet’s”  regular Church – but,  I thought that she would enjoy going with our family,  and  – if there was ever a time, that she would like for us to pick her up – and bring her – that was something that we  would enjoyed doing.

When  you are going to Church, on a regular time frame – I just feel, that it is a good idea to check with “Neighbors”  – just to see if there is someone,  in and or around  your  neighborhood,  that would also like to attend. So many of our friends and neighbors are senior citizens and no longer drive – and sometimes have no way to attend a Church  – but, would so very much,  like to be included  – but, could be  embarrassed, just  to ask for an  opportunity,  to go with you –  and,  would say   “yes”  – so fast  –  if ever,  someone would just  take the time  – to invite  them??

When you are talking with friends –  include in the conversation  – some of the things, that you are doing –  the activity and or Church your FAMILY are  attending – when,  where and just  how good you feel,  about what you and your FAMILY  are doing  – then, offer the invitation, asking  this person,   that you are talking with,  “Would you like to go, with us, sometime, too?”  Then follow up with,  “I’d like to take you along with us,  and,  if you need – we will pick you up on the way and bring you home?”  Tell them to just think about the Church or  whatever they are interested in,  and add,  “If you are not ready right now,  just think about it, here is my phone number,  just call me anytime, the offer  still stands, and, that is,  for as long as  you want to think about it?”  “OKAY?”    “OKAY!”

*******   An Idea for you,  but, is  an old MEMORY for  ME!”   *******

  “Violet M. Lessor” – a very good friend,  that,  I knew way back in the 1980s,  and one  very special  memory,  of  so many  memories,  that,   I  will always remember was of  surprising  my friend, “VIOLET”  with,  my request  for  her “BIRTHDAY”  info,  so as to have  requesting  by mail , that,   I needed to  send,  to  the  “WHITE HOUSE”   – requesting they would,  send to  her,  an “80th Birthday”  Greeting,   from the President of the United States! 

  “Violet” was so surprised,   that,  I would take the time to write to the “WHITE HOUSE”  and not telling her – before hand – then, for her “BIRTHDAY”   –  she just  had to call me,  just to let me know,  when this  “BIRTHDAY GREETING”  letter came, to her,  and,   it is from the “PRESIDENT”   – himself,  it was  just so exciting and  a better memory for  me,  just  because, for having taken a  little  time, for this terrific occasion and big surprise to her, she could hardly believe,  that I,   or that  anyone,  WOULD TAKE THE TIME!   How often,  do we know of someone,  making it,  to their  “80’s”  and then, also,  that someone should  still remember their “BIG BIRTHDAY?”   Just doing something a little different, but, ever  so wonderful,    just makes,  for our  living longer,  so much more worthwhile,  after all is said and done!

                                                                                                               (Little acts of random kindness – really make the day for the recipient!)  D.V.

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