“National Artichoke Hearts & National Quilting Day”

“Two terrific things to do, TODAY – and they are both so good for you!”  “Just think,  of all of those VITAMINS in the   “Artichoke Hearts”  and then,  All of the  “FUN” you will have – when you start using all of that old material,  you were saving,  just –   for a raining day – to do something –  like making “Quilts” that you can pass on to Family and Friends for gifts – that they will LOVE and have forever!”

NATIONAL QUILTING DAY – Third Saturday in March


National Quilting Day is observed annually on the third Saturday in March.  It is a day that is celebrated around the country with special quilting shows, classes, open museums and much more.  This is a day to appreciate and to recognize quilt makers, along with all of their long labor, love and skill that goes into the making of each quilt.

A quilt is a layer of batting or stuffing between two layers of pieced together fabric. Early American quilts were the result of patched together pieces of worn out blankets and clothing.  Since they had to weave their own fabrics, there was little time for creative piecing together of colorful, artful patterns.  These items were purely functional.

By the mid 18th century Americans were making elaborate quilts designed to be handed down from mother to daughter, often pieced together from salvaged pieces of clothing and other bedding.


Buy a homemade quilt or make one yourself. Use #NationalQuiltingDay to post on social media.


At the 22nd annual show of the National Quilting Association in Lincoln, Nebraska in June of 1991, a resolution was passed and National Quilting Day was started.



March 16th is National Artichoke Hearts Day.  According to the California Artichoke Advisory Board, artichokes are a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, folate and magnesium.  The antioxidants in artichokes are very good for your liver and help promote healthy skin.  Artichokes are also high in fiber, calcium and protein while low in calories.  For all of these reasons, along with being fat-free and cholesterol free, artichokes are truly a healthy and delicious food to celebrate!

  • The total antioxidant capacity of an artichoke flower head is one of the highest reported for vegetables.
  • The fleshy base of the artichoke is perhaps the most enjoyably edible part of this oddly-shaped vegetable. 
  •  You can find artichoke hearts that are packed in vinegar, oil or marinade and canned.
  • They make for a great low sodium snack and lend themselves well to other snacks like artichoke dip, as well as a pizza topping.
  • Toss them in the skillet for a savory sauté.
  • They might just turn into a healthy addiction!
  • California is known as the artichoke capital of the world.  They supply nearly 100% of North American fresh artichokes.


Try this artichoke hearts recipe: Artichoke Hearts Gratin

Use #ArtichokeHeartsDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Artichoke Hearts Day.

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