“Some Music and Song – 10 Days Till EASTER”

“Just in case  – sometimes we forget,  just how fast that,  our   “TIME” – just FLY’S  BY –  and we really do need to remember, the  what,  and why we celebrate    “EASTER” – and with a few old songs – maybe we can  remember  – “Yahshua the Messiah”   as, in this designated coming  week, He suffered for us – so that one day – we may all be with HIM for all Eternity!”



Sometimes some good music and taking some time – to pick up our BIBLE – we just may have some new ideas – as to what we should do while here on EARTH.This is  a proving ground – as in any BATTLE – we need to study the WORD and learn to follow our CREATOR by checking out some important messages in the book of Deuteronomy  – try to put our foot on the straight and narrow path – see if LIFE in then – leading us in the right direction.  D.V.

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