“Do You Have a DREAM”

Memories of this week, before EASTER, when  – just a very young girl in the Orphanage,  filled  with certain duties,  that just had to be done, and done to perfection!

When we were in our Classrooms, there were times when we had to read the words of the MASS in LATIN, so that we could all say the words correctly. This was not a lesson of learning LATIN –  that came when in High School,  and if only we,  while young,  were learning the meaning of the Latin words then, what a difference, that would have made,  in all of my education – to learn more and better.

This was the week,  that we worked  on  getting everything  as clean as possible. Depending on where your  individual  work schedule took you –  you could be scrubbing the bedroom floors –  or maybe the  corridor     halls,  all down on your  knees,  just maybe,  that is why,  my knees are in bad shape –  not working as good as they should today!

Every six months your “work” assignments  would change – working for a different  NUN, maybe you liked her and maybe not – some times, that did make a big difference  in how you would work. There were some NUNS  that you would stay  with all day,  if you could – they were,  that nice to you.  So, with a very large building, that always needed to have  everything visible “clean” –  as there would be “VISITORS” at any time of day  – and with our job assignments being changed  – everyone did learn,  from day one – how to clean everything and keep it clean.

There was one thing, that I would do mentally,  and that was to “DREAM” about what I would be doing when I left this place and would be HOME with  my  Parents- and just exactly what they would  be expecting  of me in the line of cleaning. Since my MOM was not as strong as most women and there was a lot of work at home to do, guess what,  on  Saturday,  after my chores in the Orphanage  were done,  I got to take the Bus, home and help my MOM – cutting the grass and any other type of work,  that she needed to have done – as I was most able to do, whatever I was told.

Here I am, with some of the other girls in my class, almost a year before graduating from the “Eight Grade” and as you can see,  we all had long hair, but I was selected,  to have my  “TOO”  long hair – cut  – as it was too distracting for the  “NUNS” to see in church?  So as everyone can see – I did have it cut – they said it would grow long again for “Graduation” – but this,  Class PHOTO  shows – it was not long – just short – and not what I wanted – so in LIFE – It is good to have a “DREAM” –  – It may not come true – but sometime in LIFE –  with a really good “DREAM”  –  everything could just work the way you did DREAM!     D.V.

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