“Be Prepared for EASTER SUNDAY”

“Did You Prepare and Reflect this LENT – for EASTER”

40 Days from Ash Wednesday till Easter – so we are ‘almost  there’   starting on  March 6th, which was also  the day for you to receive your  “ashes” on the forehead, remembering from dust to dust – that is what happens – so we  then, should try to make some good changes in our LIFE – if at all possible.  This is what we did learn in the Orphanage,  as that was the case in Grade School, the NUNS were very strict, ” we were to be seen and not heard from”  but,  at long last when  “Easter SUNDAY” would  arrive, we knew it, there were two hard boiled eggs in our cereal bowl – the only eggs that we would ever receive, and if,  this was also a 2nd or  4th SUNDAY of the MONTH – that would be a “VISITING SUNDAY”  meaning my PARENTS would be there to see me and my brothers – and that, was worth more than all the “TEA” in China!

Also, when I was a kid – we were taught to reflect on our lives’ thus far, and start making some changes for the Resurrection of “Yahshua the Messiah” beginning with a plan, just for me to work on making myself  a  much better   person. I was to  “want to do” all these new things that were suggested by the NUNS – changes that by  implementing,  while still  a small child – would become second nature,  and also,  throughout all  of my LIFE , I would then,  know the right things to follow and do them  forever.

In the environment that I was in as a child, my Aunt Irene Riley, had the NUNS and everyone she knew, including  members at her Church –Our Lady of Sorrows, to pray for me,  that I would become a Nun. Lots of prayers and meditation and living at the Orphanage,  I almost thought that to be a “NUN” would be the LIFE for me. There was a “Brady  relative in Dublin, Ireland”  a  close relative to my Mother, and her sister, Irene Brady Riley, and  he was a very good Priest and I am guessing that several of my uncles were  also prayed for enough , so as to hope,  for more to enter the “Priesthood.”

Just because there might be some “HISTORY” in the family, for a vocation into the Religious Life,  it is something that you just cannot force. So, now with the LENTEN season, it would really be a good time to pray for everyone ,  for those who may be preachers and teachers,  for those in the world in areas that are in war-zones, that do not allow their citizens to go to Church,  and for those in areas where they are killing people,  just because of their FAITH.

“PAY-IT- Forward” with our Prayers and our Charities that we can do for those around the World,  those who are hurting and their very LIFE,  is at a total risk – just trying to survive under the “dictator type” run  countries,   where lives are consider worthless.

Let us remember our fellow-man, our neighbor, with LOVE, during this Lent Season,  just as “Yahshua  the  Messiah”   directed us, to do  in the New Testament.


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