“Best Mother’s Day Ever” “With Those I LOVE”

Perfect Mother’s Day with Grand-Children!photo

How do you have a “PERFECT MOTHER’s DAY?”  “Just make sure that you  “Have” the most wonderful Grand-Children!”  If I did not know better – I would have to  think –  that in looking at this photo with my “Grand-Children” – that we were in the Photographer’s Studio – and  every one  does know how,  they  just arrange you, so perfectly,  before taking pictures?”  Well  now,  as I am looking  at this PHOTO,  as –  this is by-far, the very best photo including “me” to be photographed  as of late, which is a  long time – that  “some one”  above,  must have been putting each  of us,   in  just the  right spot  –  they did some  “magic”  with our eyes, and painted us in with such  beautiful faces – just looking so perfect for the camera  – In  my “BOOK”  – a “miracle” – for a once in a “LIFE-TIME” – this picture is a real treasure to me!

Thank you, Almighty Yahweh, for putting each of your creations in just the right spot –  as You have designed,  from the beginning of  TIME  – till  this TIME,  our scheduled  LIFE-TIME!     D.V.


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